Los Angeles-based production and sales company Mandate Pictures has reported brisk business on the drama Passengers starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson, which started production in Vancouver three weeks ago.

Rights have gone to RTL Universum (Germany), Toshiba (Japan), Cinevideo (Mexico), Dea Planeta (Spain), I Vision (South Korea), West (CIS), Conquest (Brazil), Long Shong (Taiwan) and Cathay (Singapore).

Deals also closed in Nu Metro (South Africa), Ascot Elite (Switzerland), LMK (Portugal), Paradiso (Benelux), Golden Scene (Hong Kong), Spentzos (Greece), Revolutionary Releasing (Eastern Europe), and Gulf (Middle East), A D Matalon (Israel), PRA (Turkey), M Pictures (Thailand), Acme (Baltic States), PT Amero (Indonesia), Pioneer (Philippines), and Sam Film (Iceland).

Hathaway plays a grief counselor who works with plane crash survivors. Rodrigo Garcia is directing and Columbia Pictures holds domestic rights.

Mandate's EFM slate includes Horsemen, Juno, and 30 Days Of Night.