The synopsis is currently under wraps for this two-film project by comedy master Fausto Brizzi, the two films that mean “Men vs Women”
and “Women vs Men” will be shot concurrently.

Prod companies: Italian International Film
Backers: I.I.F.
Producers: Fulvio and Federica Lucisano
Intl sales: Rai Trade
Director: Fausto Brizzi
Screenplay: Fausto Brizzi, Marco Martani, Massimiliano Bruno, Valeria Pulsatilla
DoP: Marcello Montasi
Budget: Euros 8-9 mil per film (total of Euros 16-18 mil) Production Design: tba
Cast: Alessandro Gassman, Nicolas Vaporidis, Salvatore Ficara, Valentino Picone
Locations: Turin
Shooting (on both films) from when until when: February 2010 for six months