Melancholia collected 10 prizes, including best film, director and actress at the Danish Film Academy Awards, held Feb 5.

Danish director Lars von Trier’s Melancholia swept the Danish Robert awards, as the Danish Film Academy last night recognsised last year’s achievements in Danish cinema:

Trier’s European Film Award winner collected 10 prizes including Best Film, Director, Script, Best Actress (Kirsten Dunst) and Supporting Actress (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

The other big winner at the ceremony in Copenhagen’s Cirkusbygningen was Danish director Martin P Zandvliet bio-pic on Danish top comedian Dirch Passer, A Funny Man, which picked up five awards including Best Actor for Nikolaj Lie Kaas and Best Supporting Actor for Lars Ranthe.

von Trier did not attend the event, having muzzled himself last year after the French police investigation of his remarks following the screening of Melancholia in Cannes. “Lars has nothing to say – or he has, but he won’t,” was a message from a representative of his company, Zentropa Entertainments.

This year’s Honorary Robert went to Danish veteran director Henning Carlsen. “I am speechless – I have waited for this in 84 years. I couldn’t help to tell the taxi driver on the way,” said Carlsen, who has over the years made 20 features.


Best Film: Melancholia. Dir: Lars von Trier Prods: Meta Louise Foldager, Louise Vesth, for Zentropa Entertainments

Best Film for Children and Young Audiences: Rebounce

Best Actor: Nikolaj Lie Kaas – A Funny Man

Best Actress: Kirsten Dunst – Melancholia

Best Supporting Actor: Lars Ranthe – A Funny Man

Best Supporting Actress: Charlotte Gainsbourg - Melancholia

Best Director: Lars von Trier – Melancholia

Best Original Screenplay: Lars von Trier – Melancholia

Best Cinematography: Manuel Alberto Claro– Melancholia

Best Production Design:Jette Lehmann  – Melancholia

Best Costume Design: Stine Gudmundsen-Holmgren – A Funny Man

Best Make-Up: Lis Kasper Bang – A Funny Man

Best Special Effects Hummer Højmark, Peter Hjorth - Melancholia

Best Sound Design: Kristian Eidnes Andersen – Melancholia

Best Editing: Molly Malene Stensgaard – Melancholia

Best Musical Score: Sune Martin – A Funny Man

Best Song: A Funny Man (Lille frk. Himmelblå - Jeppe Kaas)

Best Short Documentary: The Time We Have

Best Long Documentary: The Ambassador Dir: Mads Brügger

Best American Film: Drive. Dir: Nicolas Winding Refn (Denmark)

Best Non-US Film: The King’s Speech. Dir: Tom Hooper (UK)