Dark Blood co-starring Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis will screen for the first time in the US at the 30th edition of the Miami International Film Festival, set to run from Mar 1-10.

George Sluizer directed the film, which according to a press release was “80% complete” when Phoenix died in 1993 and vanished into a vault.

Years later when Sluizer heard the footage was to be burned, he took it to The Netherlands and completed it. The film premiered at the Dutch Film Festival last autumn.

Pryce and Davis play a couple on a second honeymoon in the desert who encounter an embittered young widower.
Dark Blood is a film of legend, one of Hollywood’s great mysteries,” said MIFF executive director Jaie Laplante. “The tragic loss of River Phoenix’s outstanding talent is still profoundly felt 20 years later. 

“We are proud that George Sluizer has honored Miami as the place to finally share his remarkable collaboration with Phoenix and the other great artists involved with Dark Blood.”