South Korea's Mirovision has announced the sale of US remake rights for Kim Tai-sik's Driving With My Wife's Lover to Circle of Confusion at Pusan's Asian Film Market.

The former Sundance and Rotterdam film is about a man who hires his wife's lover, a taxi driver, to take him on a long trip back home in the country.

Mirovision's Jason Chae had initiated negotiations with other producers earlier on but finally locked a deal with Circle of Confusion's Rick Jacobs and David Alpert.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Mirovision is at Pusan with high school horror film Death Bell.

'Negotiations are under way with countries from every continent and it looks like deals will be locked down at AFM,' says Chae. 'It might be another breakthrough horror film like Phone.'

The sales agent also has horror film The Loner, 'focusing on characters alone in a room, and all that can happen with these premises '

The company is also producing action thriller Tomorrow's News, to be directed by Derek Son (Cadaver).