Hong Kong and Beijing-based sales agent The Film Library is partnering with Shanghai Film Group to sell The Monkey King – Uproar In Heaven 3D, which screening in Berlin’s Generation section.

The film is a digitally restored 3D version of the 1960s animation classic produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio and directed by animation masters Wan Laiming and Tang Cheng. Shanghai Film Group, the parent company of the animation studio, set up a joint venture with post-production group Technicolor to restore the film.

Directed by Su Da and Chen Zhihong, the new version has voiceovers by Chinese actors Liu Ye and Chen Daoming and internationally renowned directors Chen Kaige and Feng Xiaogang, among others. It was released in mainland China on Jan 12 and has so far grossed around $8m (RMB50m).

The original, based on part of Chinese classic story Journey To The West, grossed more than $16m (RMB100m) when it was released in two parts in 1961 and 1964. It also won a best film award at the London Film Festival in 1978.