Fox International's family film and international champion Night At The Museum opens in eight territories this weekend as executives look to boost the $155.4m overseas tally.

Rocky Balboa enters the ring in the UK on Jan 19 as well as Holland and Colombia this weekend. The boxing drama has taken $11.1m so far, of which Europe accounts for $8.5m.

Latest figures put the fantasy adventure Eragon on $152.2m, and the comedy Borat on $117.8m.

The Departed launches in Japan on Jan 20 and as of Jan 14 the crime drama had amassed $127.6m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) and other distributors.

World War II drama Flags Of Our Fathers goes out in Germany on Jan 18 and stands at more than $26.5m, while period mystery The Prestige opens in Russia on Jan 18 and has grossed more than $41m.

The adventure Blood Diamond stands at $8.3m, Happy Feet is on $151.7m including Roadshow territories, and Letters From Iwo Jima has grossed $34m thanks to an excellent Japanese run.

Sony Pictures Releasing International opens The Pursuit Of Happyness in Germany on Jan 18 and German-speaking Europe. The drama stands at $9.3m from the early stages of its run.

Stranger Than Fiction goes out in Spain on Jan 19 on 100 prints; it stands at $2.9m from the early stages of release. Casino Royale has amassed $391.6m and is expected to cross $400m next week.

Buena Vista International has high hopes for Deja Vu, which opens in Australia on Jan 18 and Brazil a day later.

Currently at $79.5m, the thriller is yet to open in China and Japan and is on course to overtake Inside Man's $95m to become Denzel Washington's biggest release outside of North America.

Universal/UPI opens the Apartheid drama Catch A Fire in Germany on Jan 18 on 70 prints and Spain on Jan 19 on the same number.

Supernatural thriller The Return launches in the UK on Jan 19 on 230 prints. Universal/UPI holds limited rights to the film, which has amassed $7.2m through all distributors so far.

Paramount/PPI opens Dreamgirls in Australia and New Zealand on Jan 18. An Inconvenient Truth opens in Italy on Jan 19 and Japan on Jan 20, and Babel opens in the UK and Brazil on Jan 19. Barnyard opens in South Korea on Jan 18.