Atwater Capital has launched a $30m content investment fund to provide financial backing for creative partners in the acquisition and development of intellectual property.

Atwater Content Investment Fund I, L.P. (ACIF) will focus on the early acquisition of material and will take a ‘hands-off’ approach to the development process. The fund managers plans for the investments to be cross-genre and cross-media.

“The most powerful position in today’s marketplace is being in control of strong underlying material,” Vania Schlogel, Atwater Capital founder and managing partner, said. “Content is power, and ACIF represents a unique approach to keep that power in the hands of those who wield it best – the creatives and creators.”

Atwater Capital is engaged in a partnership with Zhengfu Pictures, a production company composed of Han Sanping, former chairman of China Film Group, and Alex Zhang, formerly of Alibaba. They will team up on Age Of Game, adapted from a seven-part book series about elite gamers recruited to fight for Earth’s survival in a digital warzone. Zhang will produce, with Han on board as executive producer.

Atwater Capital and ACIF are represented exclusively by CAA Media Finance and CAA China.