Initiative will see £2m of investment over four years to enable film fans across the UK to get more opportunities to see a range of films.

The BFI has announced it will invest £2m over four years in its Neighbourhood Cinema project.

Neighbourhood Cinema is aiming to bring a cinema experience to more people by supporting and inspiring communities to host regular film screenings.

Amanda Nevill, BFI chief executive commented: “Audiences love cinema and we passionately believe that everybody should be able to see and enjoy a wide range of films locally, no matter where they live in the UK.

“This initiative is about supporting existing Neighbourhood Cinemas and encouraging and inspiring communities to rise up and get new ones off the ground, so that the magic of film can be enjoyed by audiences everywhere. This is at the heart of the BFI’s rally cry, Film Forever!”

Through the scheme, the BFI will help provide equipment such as screens, projectors, Blu-ray players, sound equipment, chairs and blackout blinds to establish not-for-profit cinemas in both rural and urban communities across the UK.

Communities interesting in setting up a cinema can get advice and inspiration through Neighbourhood Cinema’s official website - - and are also able to create their own profile to promote their screenings to local audiences.

The BFI is also supporting ‘touring cinemas’, organisations that can take films on the road and show them in community venues.