Trust Machine

Source: SingularDTV

Trust Machine

SingularDTV has set an October 26 New York release for Alex Winter’s Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain its first feature-length documentary.

Kim Jackson of SingularDTV is producing alongside Geoff Clark of Futurism Studios, and Winter’s Trouper Productions. SingularDTV finances the feature and executive producers are Zach LeBeau, Arie Levy-Cohen, Alex Klokus and Joseph Lubin.

Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain explores blockchain, the decentralised technology that supports among other things cryptocurrencies.

The documentary asks why banks appears so wary of blockchain while it has been embraced by UNICEF Ventures to help refugee children. Winter follows technology innovators and others as they champion the fast-rising technology. Rosario Dawson narrates.

“The idea of a verifiable ledger is a problem that’s been in search of a solution for a really long time,” said Winter. “I got into this working on Downloaded [2013]. When I was making my film Deep Web [2015], funnily enough, I still had very little interest in bitcoin. Then the world got really confusing with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and decentralization. 

“Bitcoin matters, but blockchain is really where the changes are going to come. There are huge changes happening in human culture right now. Never has something like this happened before, ever. And it is fascinating to me. That’s why I really wanted to make this documentary.”