EXCLUSIVE: Multiple deals for Venice and Toronto titles.

Life in a Fishbowl

Berlin-based Films Boutique has seen a run on recently-acquired duo Short Skin and Life In A Fishbowl [pictured].

Duccio Chiarini’s debut Short Skin, which premiered in Venice and had a popular market screening in Toronto, has sold to France (Epicenter), UK (Peccadillo Pictures), Italy (Good Films), Norway (Fidalgo Films) and Hong Kong (Sundream Motion Pictures).

Deals are in advanced stages for France, Germany, Greece and Taiwan.

Starring Matteo Creatini and Francesca Agostini, the bittersweet comedy follows a 17-year-old protagonist who suffers too tight a foreskin to have sex.

Baldvin Zophoníasson’s Icelandic box office hit, Life In A Fishbowl, the multiple-narrative drama about three people whose lives intersect in surprising ways, has sold to Canada (Raven Banner), Denmark (41 Shadows) and Norway (Europa Films), while negotiations are underway for the US, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

The film plays in Toronto’s Contemporary World Cinema.

The outfit’s recently picked-up comedy-drama El Cinco, from Argentine director Adrian Biniez, also has a market screening in Toronto.