European human rights organisation the Council of Europe has published a report it hopes will address the gender imbalance across the audiovisual sector.

Council of europe logo (2013 revised version)

The Recommendation on Gender Equality in the Audiovisual Sector is a plan to acknowledge the ongoing problem of gender inequality and a series of suggestions for solutions.

The report states that “Gender equality is a necessary condition for the full enjoyment of human rights” and sets the following objectives:

  • combating gender stereotypes and sexism;
  • preventing and combating violence against women;
  • guaranteeing equal access of women to justice;
  • achieving balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision making;
  • achieving gender mainstreaming in all policies and measures;

It will encourage all of its 47 member states to: review legislation and policies; collect, monitor and publish data; support research; encourage the ongoing development of media literacy; and enhance the accountability processes.

Eurimages, the film support fund operated by the Council of Europe, provided key content for the report.

Access the full published report here.