Tthe European Film Promotion (EFP) through Film Sales Support (FSS) is supporting a record-breaking number of 32 sales agents at Filmart.

These sales agents represent 42 European films from 15 different countries. This is 11 more companies and 12 more films compared to last year.

“Apart from a steady group of French companies who are regulars to the market and to FSS, newcomers, such as Media Move from Poland, are alert to recognise the importance of one of Asia’s most important trade events,” said Susanne Davis, FSS Project Director.

“The beauty of the European Pavilion is its one-stop-shop opportunity where buyers from Asian can pick up films from across Europe.

“To have access to the market in this way is essential, in particular for smaller or emerging sales companies in Europe; word-of-mouth has spread nicely between professionals that EFP - which has an association of meanwhile 70 European sales agents - is there to kick-start business to Asia.”