The pair will give a keynote speech, present Fantastic Fest’s Latin American market’s first La De Dios award and talk about their Chilewood partnership.

Roth and Lopez have made The Green Inferno (pictured), Aftershock, Knock Knock and latest production The Stranger written and directed by Guillermo Amoedo.

Fantastic Fest will host the world premiere of The Stranger on September 19 and runs from September 18-20 in Austin, Texas.

“I’ve had an amazing experience, both creatively and financially in Chile partnering with Nicolas Lopez and Miguel Asensio,” said Roth.

“Their whole approach to filmmaking is completely different from anywhere in the world, and I’ve found it to be far more creative as well as cost-effective.

“As the business changes and contracts and costs are cut filmmakers need to find ways to make their films without sacrificing quality or scope. We’re making theatrical genre films for a global audience, building Santiago as a new production base for filmmakers from every country. It’s been an amazing, fruitful partnership, and we feel like we’re only beginning,” said Roth

“Eli came to Chile in 2011, he loved my crew, our mentality and my producer and business partner Miguel Asensio,” said Lopez. “A year later we were shooting Aftershock, six months later we shot The Green Inferno, and six months after that The Stranger…and in May we wrapped Knock Knock starring Keanu Reeves.

“At the same time we shot a TV pilot and I did a trilogy of romantic comedies in Spanish (Que Pena Tu Vida, Que Pena Tu Boda, Que Pena Tu Familia) and a Promedio Rojo sequel.

“We called this concept Chilewood: making movies from Chile, for the world, for a price, without losing quality and creativity. I found in Eli a real connection between Chile and Hollywood and he found a home where he can develop any project.

“Fantastic Fest gave me the special Jury Prize for Santos and they premiered Aftershock in the US I love Fantastic Fest and it’s an honour to have the world premiere Guillermo Amoedo’s The Stranger this year.”

“The partnership between Nicolas Lopez and Eli Roth reflects the exact spirit with which Fantastic Market was started,” said market director Rodney Perkins. “We welcome their attendance at the market and look forward to their insights.”