92 tech rehearsal

Source: Enderby Entertainment

92 tech rehearsal

Enderby Entertainment has begun production on its thriller 92, which CEO Rick Dugdale will direct from a Los Angeles-based virtual command centre despite the action taking place in six global locations.

Dugdale will oversee the virtual shoot remotely with actors from each country including Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama and Martin Sternmark working within their own homes as the set. The story takes place in Canada, the US, the UK, Sweden, France, and Japan.

Inspired by Enderby’s global production model from the recent Intrigo anthology, Dugdale’s production team will manage all logistics and work with post-production partners at Hakan Karlsson’s People in the Park.

92 follows five characters connected through their devotion to a tech titan who must work together to shut down his most secret invention – a machine that is either the solution to mankind’s problems or the end of life on earth.

The will choose a local Covid-19 charity from their respective countries to benefit from partial proceeds of the film.

Dugdale is producing alongside screenwriter and Enderby vice-president of production and development Cam Cannon, and Peter Toumasis. Executive producers are Dan Petrie, Jr., Karlsson, and Bryan Sullivan. Jim Agnew, Sean Keller and Ardy B. Carlson, Carlson are co-producers.

“We’ve been working around the clock since the start of this pandemic to find a creative way to get back to movie making while prioritising first and foremost the safety and health of everyone involved,” said Dugdale, whose producing credits include the Intrigo anthology, Recon, and Night Hunter.

“Once we found the right script allowing us to lean heavily on virtual footage, all of the elements started coming together to produce, direct and shoot the entire movie remotely using unconventional platforms, online technology and even security cameras.”

He continued, “With Intrigo, we shot three films back-to-back in four countries in just 75 days, which required logging hundreds of hours troubleshooting production logistics. All of that work primed us for using this opportunity to create something even under these unprecedented circumstances.

“Everything on this film is virtual, from casting to location scouts to script read-throughs to the actual filming. The concept is a bit of an experiment as we guide actors who are actually filming themselves with everyday technology and devices like phones and laptops.”

Cannon added, “Writing this script proved an exciting challenge, given the parameters of shooting everything virtually with none of the physical contact that comes with traditional film production. As a thriller, the storyline flourished with the accent of footage coming from security cameras, computers, smartphones and other technological devices everyone has at home. There’s almost an added layer of edge to the story given how we are shooting the film.”