Plans to support independent film distributors on VOD.

Europa Distribution has secured a partnership with online film provider Distrify Media to enable the 150 members in its network to build their own VOD platform.

Launched at the Berlin Film Festival, the partnership will see Distrify Media providing independent distributors members of the network their distribution plan for free, as well as guidance and support.

Distrify Media chief marketing officer Kobi Shely said the partnership would “build a bridge between distributors and digital distribution and marketing”.

“Video on demand is a huge and fast-growing segment in Europe, and Distrify Media is making films accessible to millions of people in 161 countries,” he added.

“Working with Europa Distribution gives us the unique opportunity for our users to watch some of Europe’s best independent films and we looking forward to expanding our relationship with Europa Distribution Network in the coming months.”

Europa Distribution has formed the partnership with Distrify Media to make its online tool accessible for all its distributor members following a workshop at the 2014 San Sebastian Film Festival.

Through the new pact, Distrify Media will meet with Europa’s member distributors in order to share their expertise on building online audience and to familiarise the distributors using the technology.

Europa Distribution general manager Christine Eloy said: “In these changing times, it is important to develop promotional tools to help improving the circulation of films and reaching audiences.”