Blast Into The Past

Source: Fantawild Animation

Blast Into The Past

Fantawild Animation has shown AFM buyers the latest trailer for the upcoming film Blast Into The Past, which the company expects to open on more than 10,000 screens over Chinese New Year in early 2019.

The film will mark the sixth time Fantawild Animation has released a film from its Boonie Bears franchise in the spring festival. The most recent entry, The Big Shrink, grossed more than $97m in China.

Blast Into The Past finds the bears and their ‘frenemy’ logger Vick travelling back in time to the prehistoric age.

“Every year, we strive to create a new entry that stands alone as a full-fledged film, but in which we procure that audiences revisit the fortunes of our adored characters Briar and Bramble,” said Fantawild Animation president Daisy Shang.

“We enjoyed very much creating a completely new world in which we could sink our teeth in, with both story and dialogue,” added Ben Li, deputy general manager of Fantawild Animation. “It’s always a joy to revisit these characters over and over again. As long as the audiences come back to see us, we will continue exploring new opportunities for fun.”

Fantawild Animation has created more than 700 spin-off episodes based on Boonie Bears, and is developing a new IP based on Chinese storytelling that is earmarked for a summer 2019 start.