Surprise screening of Universal’s sequel generates 13,705 mentions across social media.

SXSW Round-Up 2015

Overall, this year’s SXSW saw over 1.7m mentions during the festival across Twitter, news, forums and blogs, according to the latest research from Way To Blue.

The total buzz exceeds that of Cannes and almost reached the buzz generated by San Diego Comic Con.

Of its mentions, over 2,100 mentions for Fast & Furious 7 expressed an intent-to-view. Horror comedy The Final Girls was a close second with 13,374 mentions.

The work-in-progress cut of Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck led the buzz of SXSW’s special events with 6,351 mentions.

In SXSW’s interactive branch, live video streaming app Meerkat dominated the buzz with 31,244 mentions.

Way To Blue’s research covered only English language mentions.