EXCLUSIVE: Russia’s Art Pictures has now sold Attraction to 74 countries.


Art Pictures has signed new international deals for Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk’s sci-fi epic, Attraction. The newly closed territories are Latin America (Conquest Filmes) and India (RD FILMS).

It is planned to release the film in Brazil and Mexico on 200 screens in each country.

“Attraction is  a captivating story told with exquisite cinematography. Director Fedor Bondarchuk has crafted a film that is poignant, current, and strongly appeals to contemporary audiences. We very much look forward to releasing the film in the Latin America and would like to explore other opportunities with Art Pictures Studio,”

Rubens Aranha, CEO Conquest Filmes, told Screen of his decision to acquire the film for Latin America.

To date, the film has been sold to 74 countries around the world.

Attraction is set  to be released in the most Asian territories (it will go out in China on 10,000 screens and will show also in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia) and Europe (France, Germany, Italy). Recently, Attraction has opened in Latvia, Estonia and Vietnam on wide release.

Attraction opened in Russia on January 26 and has taken over $13m box office in the first two weeks of release with more than three million admissions. At EFM, Art Pictures is looking to close English-speaking territories and is in negotiations for a North American deal.