New Wave director, photographer and journalist emerged at the height of the movement with Une Simple Histoire.

Filmmaker, photographer and journalist Marcel Hanoun has died, aged 82.

Born in Tunisia in 1929, Hanoun emerged at the height of the Nouvelle Vague movement with Une Simple Histoire in 1958 and The Eighth Day (Le Huitième Jour) in 1960, and went on to make the likes of The Authentic Trial of Carl Emmanuel Jung (1966) and Jeanne, Aujourd’hui (2000) with his work becoming increasingly more experimental.

Alongside his film work, Hanoun also wrote books including Cineasta Cinema, Notas Sobre Cinema (2001), O Arrebatamento De Natacha (2009) and O Grito (2010).

A retrospective of his work is planned for October in France at the Le Saint-André-des-Arts cinema in Paris.