Travis Knight

Source: Austin Hargrave

Travis Knight

Laika president and CEO Travis Knight is lining up to adapt an animated version of UK author Susanna Clarke’s fantasy novel Piranesi.

Set in a dreamlike alternate reality, Piranesi follows the titular character who lives in a unique house with infinite rooms, endless corridors, and an imprisoned ocean that can flood rooms in an instant.

However before long the inquisitive Piranesi finds evidence of another person dwelling there, and a terrible truth. The book was published in 2020.

Knight, who previously directed Kubo And The Two Strings and Bumblebee, called the book “a treasure”, adding: “I can scarcely imagine a more joyful experience than wandering through the worlds Susanna dreamed into being.”

Clarke’s first novel was Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

Laika’s most recent feature was Missing Link in 2019.