AOL and Whalerock Industries announced that the website and app will now allow consumers to find a particular episode of a specific season of a TV series, regardless of the platform.

The service will continue to list film showtimes and ticketing and has teamed up with Disney on the May 30 release of Maleficent in the form of co-branded media placements and custom creative and exclusive content debuting on May 5.

“The line between television and film content blurs more every day,” said Lloyd Braun, founder and CEO of Whalerock Industries. “Consumers have a dizzying array of choices in determining what and where to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. We believe the new Moviefone will become an essential tool in helping consumers make that choice.”

“We set out to answer a true market need by addressing the universal question: What do I want to watch, and where can I find it?” said AOL Brand Group CEO Susan Lyne.

Moviefone was founded in 1989 before AOL acquired it in 1999. Late last year AOL announced its collaboration with WhalerockIndustries to reimagine the service.