Nu Image has acquired international rights to Memories Of Anne Frank – Reflections Of A Childhood Friend starring Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Szurdi Panna and Emilio Solfrizzi.

The film is loosely based on the book by Alison Leslie Gold and produced by Fulvio and Paola Lucisano for Italian International Film in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

Gold documented a long account by Frank’s friend Hanneli Goslar of the celebrated young Jewish diarist’s early life and her time in hiding in Nazi occupied Amsterdam.

The story also covers the deportation of Hanneli and her family to Bergen Belsen, where she discovers Frank was also being detained, although tragically without the connections that would enable Hanneli to escape with her life.

Alberto Negrin directed from a screenplay he co-wrote with Andrea Porporati and Gabriella Schina.

“I have guided this project with great passion, having been myself a witness to the damage provoked by racial persecution,” Fulvio Lucisano said. “We searched very carefully for a lead actress who has now succeeded in giving a masterful performance in the role of Anne Frank… It is also a right and proper remembrance of the Holocaust and a warning for the younger generations.”