Training programme for investors aims to develop their understanding of the investment needs and opportunities inherent in the European audio-visual sector.

Berlin-based peacefulfish has launched Enter Europe, a training programme for investors to enable them to build tailored financial products and services for the audio-visual industry.

The programme, co-funded by the MEDIA Programme, aims to develop investors’ understanding of the needs and opportunities inherent in the European audio-visual sector and will consist of two expert workshops held in June 2013 (Paris) and December 2013 (Bari, Italy) and six weeks of intensive, one-on-one online training.

Registration for the programme, which will pick ten participants from the 32 MEDIA member countries, is now open until May 8.

Partners include Creative Skillset, Le Pole Media and La Plaine Commune.

Adrian Wootton, chief executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, commented: “Film London looks forward to welcoming the Enter Europe financiers at this year’s PFM, giving them access to the Market’s expert network of investors. The PFM offers a great opportunity for financiers who are new to the UK film industry, to be introduced to established international investors attending the Market.”

peacefulfish also runs Enter UK, a training programme which aims to help financiers and professionals active in the financing sector to identify financing and investment opportunities and to better evaluate risks linked to the British film industry.

For more information, visit Enter Europe’s website.