Deal will see an additional 50 screens equipped with RealD 3D technology across UME’s Northern China locations.

RealD and UME International Cineplex have agreed a new deal that will see an additional 50 screens across UME’s Northern China locations equipped with RealD 3D technology.

The new deal will see a total of 100 RealD 3D equipped screens across UME’s circuit, when combined with the 50 current RealD 3D installations at UME’s Southern China locations. In addition to the expanded agreement, RealD has become the exclusive circuit wide 3D technology provider for UME.

Installations across the Northern China locations have already begun.

See-Yuen Ng [pictured], founder and chairman of UME International Cineplex, commented: “Currently, the world’s brightest 3D projection technology is provided by RealD. UME International Cineplex Group will exclusively use the latest 3D technology of RealD. Among Chinese moviegoers, there is a tremendous demand for 3D movies, and there are more and more 3D movies being made and released. I believe RealD will have great prospects in China.”

“It is exciting to see UME’s continued development in the China cinema market and RealD is honoured to be a part of it,” added Edman Chan, RealD’s vice president and general manager, cinema, Asia Pacific.

RealD 3D is currently available on 1,300 cinema screens in China, with future commitments for approximately 1,000 additional installations.