Rex Media has picked up worldwide sales for AFM on the $40m animation.

Berlin-based 3D animation and motion-capture studio Morro Images is producing and financing in conjunction with German tax subsidies alongside executive producer Barry Fromson’s UK film fund ESR Financial Management.

Serena centres on a young girl exiled with her father to a mystical deserted island where she must conquer a wicked witch.

Morro Images co-founders Heiko Nemmert and Daniel von Braun direct and Rex Media head George Lascu produces.

“This is a full-length animated feature envisioned to be both entertaining and educational for family audiences around the world,” said Lascu, who has been showing footage at the market.

“We are also putting in place a number of marketing opportunities to develop sequels, educational games, books and toys, as well as TV/web series and interactive programming.

“The story is set in a Renaissance world of scientific discoveries and a flourishing culture of art, history and literature,” said Nemmert and Braun. “We are employing the latest 3D/CGI technology to paint this rich and vividly textured backdrop.”