StudioCanal’s reboot delivers strongest overall buzz, but eOne’s Dallas Buyers Club leads intent to view.

UK buzz chart Feb 7

UK audiences will be buying RoboCop for a dollar, according to Way to Blue’s UK buzz chart.

StudioCanal’s reboot is the buzziest of this week’s new releases, but eOne’s Dallas Buyers Club leads intent to view with 33%.

Universal’s Lone Survivor and eOne’s That Awkward Moment both look set for solid holdovers with intent to view of 38% and 43%, respectively.

Of the Valentine’s Day offerings, Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie leads overall buzz, while Entertainment’s Her and Universal’s Endless Love have strong intent to view from limited overall buzz.

For an explanation of the Way to Blue chart and its methodology, which tracks ‘overall buzz’ and important ‘intent to view’ buzz, click here.

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