Manifest Films to handle international sales on biopic, which has previously secured a US release.

The producers of biopic Reagan, about the life of the 40th US president, have announced a foreign sales agreement for all territories outside of the US with Manifest Film Sales, a division of Intandem Films. 

According to the filmmakers, a deal for a US release of Reagan on 3,000 screens has already been secured along with $35 million in P&A.

Manifest will commence international sales for Reagan at the Cannes Marche this month. The announcement follows the completion of the script last month. 

Written by Howard Klausner (Space Cowboys), Reagan’s story is told through the eyes of veteran KGB agent Viktor Petrovich, a composite character of KGB agents who had closely followed Reagan since his days in Hollywood. The film follows the future president’s ascent from hometown hero in his native Dixon, Illinois, to his Hollywood life as an actor, to the pinnacle of global power in the Oval Office.   

The script is based on two New York Times bestselling books by author Paul Kengor, God and Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life, and The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism and is produced by Mark Joseph (Max Rose) and Ralph Winter (X-Men).