Incoming Focus CEO Peter Schlessel has announced several senior hires ahead of the January 2014 launch of the reconfigured company.

Film District’s Beth Lemberger will serve as evp of business affairs and joins Howard Meyers who is currently evp of business affairs, production at Focus Features. Both executives will report to Schlessel. FilmDistrict’s Kevin Monroe will serve as svp of business affairs for Focus, reporting to Lemberger.

Focus Features’ Robert T Gibson will continue as Focus’ CFO and svp of finance, reporting to newly appointed Focus Features COO Adrian Alperovich.

Brad Goldberg of FilmDistrict will serve as evp of marketing and reports to the newly appointed Focus Features president of marketing Christine Birch. FilmDistrict’s Tracy Pollard will become Focus’ svp of creative advertising and reports to Birch.

Joshua M McLaughlin will stay on with Focus and serve as svp of production reporting to Focus Features president of production Jeb Brody. Louis Phillips will remain as Focus Features’ evp of physical production reporting to Alperovich.

FilmDistrict’s Abby Ex will become Focus Features svp of acquisitions reporting to Focus Features president of acquisitions Lia Buman.

Focus Features evp strategic planning, business affairs and acquisitions Avy Eschenasy will serve as an advisor to Schlessel, Alperovich and Lemberger during the transition.