Germany’s Senator Entertainment is to expand its distribution activities into Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein through an exclusive cooperation with Zurich-based Praesens-Film from June 1 and will also include distribution via DVD/Blu-Ray and VoD.

Senator Film Verleih Schweiz’s first release to be handled as part of this cooperation will be Sandra Nettelbeck’s Michael Caine-starrer Mr Morgan’s Last Love which opens in Germany on August 22.

This will be followed in 2013/2014 by such titles as the German-Irish co-production Run And Jump, Dominik Graf’s The Beloved Sisters, an update of the 1930s comic operetta classic White Horse Inn, the children’s film Pettson & Findus – for the first time as a mix of live-action and animation - and Ralf Huettner’s The Cook, based on the bestselling novel by Swiss author Martin Suter, which will begin shooting on June 11 as a co-production with Zurich’s C-Films.

In addition, 2014 will see Senator’s Swiss outpost releasing Scott Hicks’ romantic fantasy adventure Fallen which is part of the output deal concluded with the film financing firm Silver Reel at the beginning of 2013. (ends)