Carlos Osuna’s two projects El Concursante and Sin Mover Los Labios earn BAM Projects and Screenings prizes; seven other titles headed to Locarno and San Sebastian.


The sixth Bogota Audiovisual Market (BAM) closed on Friday night (July 17) with several awards and referrals to industry events in Locarno and San Sebastian.


The winner of BAM Screenings’ Cinecolour Fiction Prize, worth $10,000 in production services was Carlos Osuna’s Sin Mover Los Labios (With Lips Closed).

The comedy-drama, produced by Malta Cine, tells the story of an amateur ventriloquist who creates a puppet of his mother and puts on a successful show about their relationship.

Other screening winners were Marcela Lizcano’s Aislados produced by Proyección Films, which received the Cinecolor documentary prize worth $5,000; Anna De Jacques’ Toulemonde produced by Janus Films, which will be broadcast on RTVC and receives support in securing theatrical distribution; and the documentary feature Garras De Oro: Herida Abierta A Un Continente produced by Jhima, which picked up the Colombia Ambulante prize, guaranteeing its participation in the Ambulante Film Festival 2016.

BAM Projects

Carlos Osuna’s The Contestant (El Concursante), about a queue of people duped into believing they will receive free pressure cookers only to then kick off a riot, was awarded the EFD Prize worth $20,000 in production services.

The drama, produced by Malta Cine, has already earned recognition at other markets and festivals, including appearances in Cannes 2015 Cinefondation Atelier and the Cartagena Festival’s ninth international Producers Meetings last year.

Juan Manuel Betancourt’s comedy drama Sock Mates (Medias Naranjas) picked up the post production award, provided by Sonata Films, Laburo Digital and 2.35 Digital.

Produced by Gatoencerrado, the animation and live-action project follows two coinciding stories, one about a grandfather who loses his socks and the other about a sock that breaks free from the tradition of pairs and creates a revolution.

Locarno/San Sebastian

The four projects chosen for participation in the Match Me! Section of the 68th Locarno International Film festival set to run from August 5-15 were Johnny Hendrix’s Candelaria produced by Antorcha Films, Nestor Oliveros’ El Rey Versus El Diablo produced by Ghia Producciones, Oscar Ruiz Navia’s Fait Vivir produced by Contravia Films and Alfonso Acosta’s The Wolf’s Breath (El Aliento Del Lobo) produced by Cabecita Negra Producciones. 

Meanwhile producers Burning Blue (Jorge Navas’ Desobsesion), 64-A Films (Carlos Moreno’s Lost Wolves / Lobos Perdidos) and Corporacion Passolini (German Arango Rendon’s MC Silencio) have all been selected to take part in the Industy Club at the San Sebastian Film Festival, which runs from September 18-26.