Sony’s The Smurfs once again held off all comers at the international box office this weekend, grossing an estimated $12.9m from 6,150 screens in 65 markets.

The resilient family comedy has now taken $364.4m internationally and edged past half a billion globally with $502.8m.

The Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) offering had no new openings but held up extremely well in a number of holdover markets. In Italy, the film stayed top in its second weekend with a drop of only 6% to $3.8m from 562 screens, for a market total so far of $9.5m. In Australia, it held at number one with a 3% drop to $2.6m from 508 screens, for a local total of $7.5m.

The take was down only 8% over the film’s ninth week in Spain, where the total so far reached $19m, and only 33% over its seventh week in the UK, where the total reached $26m.

Universal’s Johnny English Reborn had a solid second international weekend, dropping 38% to gross an estimated $7.4m from 1,706 dates in 19 territories, for an early total of $23.6m.

Universal Pictures International (UPI) reported a $340,000 opening in Greece and a number one debut in India with $270,000.

The comedy sequel held on at number two in Australia with $1.9m from 238 dates, off just 28% for an 11-day total of $5.5m. In Russia it held at number three with $1.1m from 577 dates for an 11-day total of $4.4m.

SPRI’s Friends With Benefits stayed strong with an estimated $9.7m from 2,969 screens in 45 markets. The romcom opened top in Spain, where it took $2m from 356 screens, and in five smaller territories. It slipped only 28% in its third week in Germany, with $1.3m from 497 screens for a local total of $7.2m, and only 37% in its third in the UK, with $2m from 393, for a total of $8.6m.

Final Destination 5, from Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI), came out of the weekend with an estimated $6.6m (representing nearly 1.4m admissions) from over 3.600 screens in 52 markets, for an international total so far of $98.4m

The horror sequel opened in Mexico with an estimated $734,000 (141,500 admissions) from 336 screens, better than all the previous installments of the franchise. The film’s opening in Brazil produced an estimated $1.5m (nearly 200,000 admissions) from 303 screens.

Also from WBPI, Crazy, Stupid, Love grossed an estimated $6.2m (approximately 812,000 admissions) from over 2,700 screens in 47 markets, for a running international total of $35.5m.

The comedy opened in the UK with $1.2m from 395 prints, enough for second place in the local chart.

Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes took an estimated $5.8m from 3,530 screens in 36 markets this weekend, bringing its international total to $230.5m.

The sci-fi outing opened in second place in Italy with $1.9m from 541 screens and continued a strong run in Latin America, taking $771,000 from 787 screens in Mexico, $544,000 from 355 in Brazil and $337,000 from 133 in Colombia.

An estimated $363,000 from 248 screens in the UK took the film to $33.5m in that market, while $354,000 from 288 in France produced a $27.7m local total.

Fox’s Glee The 3D Concert Movie opened with $364,588 from eight screens in Japan (for an average of $45,500 per screen) and with $50,516 from 50 screens in Germany. Overall, the film took $657,839 from 341 screens in 11 markets, for an international total so far of $5.6m.

The studio’s Monte Carlo opened in Australia with $649,211 from 182 screens, which contributed to an overall weekend take of $805,425 from 373 screens in 10 markets. The title’s international total stands at $12m.

The studio’s Mr Popper’s Penguins added $1.4m from 966 screens in 9 markets, bringing its international total to $116m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) reported an estimate of $3.5m from 28 territories for Fright Night, a 30% increase on last weekend’s international tally. The film opened in Russia with $1.6m and its international total to date reached $15.6m.

Disney’s US box office leader The Lion King 3D took an estimated $1.9m from 19 international territories for an international total to date of $16m. The take was 90% up from last weekend’s thanks largely to a $1.1m opening in Australia.

The Help, another Disney domestic hit, held steady with $1.1m from six territories in its fourth international weekend, for a total so far of $7.2m.

Now approaching the end of its international run, the studio’s Cars 2 managed $600,000 from 53 territories, for an international total of $362.5m.

WBPI’s Horrible Bosses took $3.1m (approximately 360,000 admissions) from over 1,800 screens in 44 markets, for a total of $89.4m. And the studio’s Contagion grossed $1.6m (roughly 243,000 admissions) from 486 screens in eight markets, for a $6.4m total. The thriller opened in Korea with $1m (more than 143,000 admissions) from 183 screens.

Warner’s local acquisition Don Gato stayed top in Mexico for a second weekend with an estimated $1.7m (50,600 admissions) from 931 screens, for a $5.7m total. And the studio’s local co-production Mannerherzen 2 managed the same feat in Germany with $1.9m (193,000 admissions) from 702 screens, for another $5.7m total.

UPI”s The Change-Up grossed an estimated $2.2m from 1,544 dates in 18 territories for an early international total of $14.8m. The comedy opened in second place in Mexico with $808,000 from 393 dates.

The Debt, which Universal is releasing internationally, grossed an estimated $1.2m from 664 dates in 5 territories, raising its international total to $6.4m. The film’s German opening produced $380,000 from 148 dates.

Jane Eyre, which UPI is releasing in selected markets, grossed an estimated $900,000 from 457 dates in three territories, raising Universal’s total to $9.7m. The international total including non-Universal grosses is $14m.

UPI’s Bridesmaids took $800,000 from 850 dates in 22 territories for a total of $117m. The hit comedy opened in Brazil with $356,000 from 151 dates. Sanctum, which UPI has for limited markets, took $532,000 from 213 dates in Japan and has now amassed $11.1m from UPI territories. One Day grossed $208,000 from 160 dates in two territories for a Universal total of $14.3m. The international total including non-Universal grosses is $24m.

Captain America, from Paramount Pictures International (PPI), grossed an estimated $1.7m this weekend from 7,980 venues in 60 markets, for an international total of $186m.

PPI’s Cowboys and Aliens took $1.4m from 2,011 locations in 55 markets, for a $6m international total so far.

The studio’s Super 8 managed $1m from 792 sites across 58 territories, for a total of $131.3m. And Kung Fu Panda 2 took $650,000 from 979 international locations in 62 markets for a $495.6m total.

PPI’s German-language film Hell opened in Germany with $500,000 from 216 locations.

SPRI’s Zookeeper grossed an estimated $1.4m from 1,250 screens in 42 markets for a running international total of $77.5m. And World Invasion came up with $925,000 from 336 screens in a single market for a total of $125.3m.

Lionsgate reported that the Taylor Lautner vehicle Abduction stands at approximately $6.5m while Warrior has taken $2.6m and opened in the UK in third place on $1.2m.