Run Lola Run

Source: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Run Lola Run

Sony Pictures Classics (SPC) will re-release a 4K restored version of the 1999 German thriller Run Lola Run, which was a breakout for director Tom Tykwer and star Franka Potente.

The film will open on June 7, 25 years after it initially opened and went on to gross more than $7m in North America to become at the time one of the highest grossing foreign-language films ever released. SPC said it earned more than $22m worldwide.

Run Lola Run is told in three variations with three endings, and follows the titular character as she races across town encountering all manner of characters to get a sum of money to her boyfriend, who owes his gangster boss.

Moritz Bleibtru, Herbert Knaup, Joachim Król, and Nina Petri round out the key cast.

The thriller won seven German Film Awards, picked up a Bafta nomination for Best Film not in the English Language, and won the audience award at Sundance.

Sony Pictures Classics said, “Over the past 25 years, Run Lola Run remains one of the most enduring Sony Pictures Classics titles of all time. It is as timely now as when it first appeared in theatres in 1999.”