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Foreign-language films search-engine Telescope and the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) are joining forces to launch a new microsite aimed at connecting US audiences with independent Arab-language films.

Under the operation, the microsite will gather Arab titles under categories such as box office hits, Oscar submissions, documentaries and shorts. It will guide audiences on whether and where Arab films are streaming on platforms in the US.

Films that can be currently searched via the platform include Yomeddine, Capernaum, Wajib, Theeb, Omar, Barakah Meets Barakah and Clash

US based Telescope was launched at the beginning of 2019 by Justine Barda, who is also a programming consultant at the Seattle International Film Festival. She is CEO of the new platform.

It is a third such collaboration for Telescope Film after partnerships with German Films and the cultural services of the French embassy in the United States.

“The Arab world has produced some of the great masters of world cinema as well as some of the most exciting directors working today.  We believe their work should be better known in the US and want to help make that happen,” said Barda..

ACC was created by Cairo-based sales and distribution company Mad Solutions in 2015 as a platform to promote Arab cinema at festivals and industry events around the world.