EXCLUSIVE: Bright Cold Day Films/Patchwork Productions feature begins in Southampton.

UK thriller Containment, the feature debut of BIFA-winning producer Casey Herbert and fellow NFTS graduate Pete Smyth, is underway in Southampton.

The Bright Cold Day Films duo is producing the thriller - about neighbours who wake one morning to find they have been sealed inside their apartments - with Patchwork Productions’ Christine Hartland (WMD).

Cast includes Lee Ross, Sheila Reid, Andrew Leung, Gabriel Senior, William Postlethwaite, Louise Brealey and Pippa Nixon.

Neil West, director of short Undertow, makes his feature debut on the script from David Lemon (Faintheart).

The low-budget film is financed by Bandoola Productions, a new finance vehicle set up by entrepreneur Simon Sole.

Herbert won a 2012 BIFA for short Volume [pictured]. The duo’s current slate includes Heists, a 13-part television series in development with Norwegian television network TV2, and the debut feature of Screen Star of Tomorrow Mahalia Belo, which is in development with Film4.

Also on Bandoola’s slate is Turning Point, a documentary about the 1944 Battle of Imphal.