Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron has maintained its lead in the social media buzz chart after a week on release.

The superhero sequel generated just under 65,000 comments across social media, forums, news and blogs in the UK between April 23-29, according to Way To Blue.

One in three of these comments expressed an intent to view, meaning those who posted about Avengers were looking to converts tweets into tickets – up from one in four last week.

In second place, maintaining last week’s position was Carol Morley drama The Falling, which generated nearly 2,000 online comment (ItV 30%).

Trailing closely in third place with 1,863 online comments is this weekend’s biggest opening, the social media horror Unfriended, which had a high ItV of nearly 50%.

It was followed by Thomas Hardy adaptation Far From The Madding Crowd, also opening this weekend, which generated nearly 850 comments (21% ItV).