Plus: Dirty 30 gets US release; The Sound of Things to premiere in Moscow.

Michael Herr, the American writer and war correspondent who got an Oscar nomination for his work on Full Metal Jacket, has died at age 76.

Best known for his 1977 book of Vietnam war reporting Dispatches, Herr passed away in a New York hospital after what his publisher reported was a long illness.

Herr collaborated with Francis Ford Coppola on the narration for the latter’s 1979 Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now and wrote the script for Stanely Kubrick’s 1987 war drama Full Metal Jacket with Kubrick and Gustav Hasford. The three writers were nominated for the best adapted screenplay Oscar in 1988.

Herr also wrote the narration for 1997 John Grisham adaptation The Rainmaker.

Lionsgate has set comedy Dirty 30 for a September 23 US release in select cinemas and on digital platforms. The film features YouTube stars Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, with Andrew Bush directing and Michael Goldfine producing.

Costa Rican drama The Sound of Things gets its world premiere this Saturday (June 25) at the 38th Moscow International Film Festival. Ariel Escalante directed the film, about a young nurse dealing with the suicide of her cousin and best friend. Mariana Murillo is the producer.