Harvey Weinstein

Source: Erik Pendzich / Alamy

Harvey Weinstein

A US federal judge on Tuesday (August 14) paved the way for a sex trafficking case brought by British actor Kadian Noble against Harvey Weinstein to go ahead.

The 31-year-old sued the embattled and disgraced former Hollywood mogul last November, alleging that in 2014 he lured her to a Cannes hotel room, ostensibly to watch her film reel, and sexually assaulted her.

At the heart of Noble’s legal argument is the assertion that Weinstein offered her a role in a film around the time of the alleged incident. The actor’s legal team is pursuing damages under sex trafficking legislation that outlaws offering something of value in exchange for sex.

Weinstein’s lawyers claimed nothing of value exchanged hands, however US district judge Robert Sweet dismissed their arguments, ruling that the meeting with a world-renowned producer in itself constituted something of value to an aspiring actor.

The judge agreed to remove Weinstein’s brother Bob Weinstein from the lawsuit. 

Harvey Weinstein has denied any non-consensual sex with women.