Ventana Sur

Source: Courtesy of Ventana Sur

Ventana Sur

The second instalment in an Argentinean exorcism trilogy, a genre anthology directed by women, a horror thriller with LGBT elements, and a single-take Chilean horror film were among entries in the Blood Window pitching sessions at Ventana Sur on Wednesday (12).

The genre sidebar is one of the highlights of the Buenos Aires market and provided a forum for passionate and high-level presentations to a knowledgeable audience.

The filmmaking team behind Immaculate (Inmaculada) the second part of the exorcism trilogy from Argentina, were on hand to talk up their property. Director Gonzalo Calzada reminded attendees that Luciferina, the first part of the series, launched in 2016 and has played various festivals.

The story centres on a 15-year-old terminally ill girl whose body becomes inhabited by an angel that vows to protect her until she is safe from all evil.

Calzada and producer Alejandro Narvaez have earmarked a two-month shoot to commence in late 2019 and have secured 20% of the $300,000 budget through micro-investors.

They are looking for co-production partners to boost Immaculate’s international profile.

Horror thriller The Building (El Edificio) takes place in one location and produced Pablo Pinto explained that the aim is to shoot the entire film in a single take. When a young woman in Santiago, Chile, plunges to her death from a rooftop one night, it sparks a chain of events linking all six inhabitants of the building who live there against their will.

The filmmakers have 20% of the $250,000 budget and are in need of investors, producers and co-production partners that will enable the film to get made and enter world-class festivals.

The first round of pitches included: Bedtime (Spain) from director Roberto San Sebastian and producer Kevin Iglesias Rodriguez, about a boy who sets out to thwart his babysitter’s evil plan; 28 (Chile), a genre anthology by six female directors with director Sandra Arriagada and producer Lucio Rojas in attendance; and Beto And The Moon’s Dog (Brazil) from director José Araripe Cavalcante Júnior and producer Solange Souza Lima Moraes, about the adventures of a 10-year-old that include confronting a werewolf and searching for a gun with infinite bullets.

The White Room (Mexico) from director Gabriel Gerardo Goopar and producer Alfredo Alvarez contains LGBT elements and centres on a troubled former patient at a psychiatric institution who returns with a gun and demands to know what happened to him in the mysterious white room; and The Eye (Argentina), from director Sergio Neuspiller and producer Olimar Gonzalo Rodriguez Bubis, which tells of an expedition to a mysterious island where the sun vanishes.

The pitching sessions continue on Thursday.