In addition to the usual ‘delighted’ and ‘thrilled’ honorees, one British producer even declares his appreciation for a rival nominee.

Georgina Lowe, producer of Mike Leigh’s Another Year: “We are delighted and honoured for everyone involved with making Another Year that we’ve been nominated for Outstanding British Film. Our film features a wonderfully talented cast, and we’re really pleased that Lesley Manville has been recognised for her astounding and unforgettable performance.”

Director Mike Leigh added that he was “very pleased by our nomination for Best British Film.”

John Smithson, CEO, Darlow Smithson Production and a producer on 127 Hours:“We are thrilled that Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours has received so many BAFTA nominations today. It’s an incredible story about a remarkable man and Danny and his team have done a fantastic job in recreating Aron’s near-death experience for the big screen. Congratulations to all that worked on the film.”

Elizabeth Karlsen, Number 9 Films, producer (along with Stephen Woolley) of Made In Dagenham: “We are thrilled to get four nominations, we said if we got four we would be happy, and we did! Obviously, we are disappointed for Sally [Hawkins] because it was such a stunning performance, but all of the actors in that category [Best Actress] are faultless and not everyone can be nominated, so no complaints. It’s been a great year for British films!”

Christine Langan, creative director BBC Films, which funded Made In Dagenham: “We are very pleased that Made in Dagenham made it into the Best British Film category, it’s a bit of a gem. It’s also brilliant for The King’s Speech. The idea that you can make a record breaking period drama is inspirational and it makes me feel like we can continue making grown up dramatic films and argue the case that they are commercial and that there is an appetite for them. It’s a shame that there were no British actresses in the Best Actress cateogory though. Although it will just inspire us to keep trying to find great writing and great roles for our talent.”

Mark Herbert, Warp Films, producer of Chris Morris’ Four Lions: “I remember pitching a ‘comedy about terrorism’ to funders and more often than not being confronted with a laugh, grunt and headshake so thanks to Film4 and the other private investors for being man enough to back us. We had good international business and an amazing UK release thanks to Optimum and we’ve got both white and Asian kids quoting lines from the film, which is what we set out to do, to appeal to multi-cultural audiences. To get this nomination alongside some amazing films is the icing on the cake. My vote is for 127 Hours though - I loved it!”

Nick Whitfield, director of Skeletons: “I’m delighted to have received this nomination. It’s a very significant acknowledgment of all the hard work the brilliantlytalented producers, cast and crew of Skeletons put in. I owe them all a huge debt - likewise EM Media who have supported me from my very first steps into directing. They have been wholeheartedly enthusiastic throughout, and the film simply would not exist without them.”

Tanya Seghatchian, head of the UK Film Council’s Film Fund: “This year’s BAFTA nominations underline the breadth and creative excellence of British filmmaking talent. With a staggering £10.7 million at the UK box office in 10 days, 14 BAFTA nominations and a Golden Globe, The King’s Speech is a great British success story. A further eight nominations for Made in Dagenham, Another Year, The Arbor and the short film Rite highlights the crucial role that the UK Film Council has played in championing British independent filmmakers.”