Stockholm-based international sales agent, NonStop Films, is increasingly focusing on English-language product, and has picked up two Irish features to top its slate for the upcoming Cannes Market, including Justin O'Brien's Ghostwood and Tony Herbert's Speed Dating.

'We may be a Scandinavian company, but we are supplying a market which has a strong preference for English-language films. So in addition to our Nordic line-up, we will handle international productions which match our catalogue profile,' explained sales and marketing manager Judith Toth.

Ghostwood is a horror-thriller produced by Maxim Pictures, starring Patrick Bergen, and the project is available to all territories, while System Forty Eight's romantic comedy, Speed Dating, with Hugh O'Conor in the lead, has been released by Buena Vista International in Ireland.

At Cannes, NonStop will cater for the international premieres of two Swedish recent productions, both first features: Steve Aalam's film noir inspired Gangster, starring Mikael Persbrandt, and Johan Kling's Darling, a portrait of a young girl with newcomer Michelle Meadows in the leading role.

Produced by Daniel Collert, who also delivered Peter Lindmark's Exit, the Mads Mikkelsen starrer, Gangster is the story of a hitman with problems as he is ordered to kill somebody close to him. Darling won the Nordic competition at Sweden 's Göteborg International Film Festival.

In the market NonStop will also launch Danish director Shaky Gonzales'

actioner, Pistoleros, as well as Bosnian director Sabina Vajraca's documentary Back to Bosnia, following a Bosnian family's return after 10 years abroad to reclaim their home which is now in Serbian country.