AMAZON JACK 3 [Jungledyret Hugo - fraek som altid]
(PH3)Co-prod: Nordisk Film Norway. Backers: Danish Film Institute, Norwegian FilmFund. The third installment in the popular animated feature series about AmazonJack. Prod:Per Holst. Co-prod: Aage Aaberge. Dir: Flemming Quist Moeller, Anders Soerensen,Joergen Lerdam. Scr: Flemming Quist Moeller. Shoots from Winter 2004.
Contact: Per Holst, PH3, (45) 35 55 93 66

FLUERNE PAA VAEGGEN [working title]
(Nordisk Film Production) Co-prod: TV2/Denmark.Budget: DKK10,5m. Backer: Danish Film Institute. Int'l sales: Nordisk FilmInternational Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scandinavia). Thriller about adocumentary filmmaker gets involved with the mayor of the city she is making afilm about, but both he and the city has something to hide. Exec prod: KimMagnusson. Prods: Thomas Heinesen, Aake Sandgren. Dir/scr: Aake Sandgren. Maincast: Trine Dyrholm, Lars Brygmann, Kurt Ravn, Henrik Prip. Shooting in Denmarkfrom Oct until Nov.
Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 36 18 82 00

(Angel Production) Budget: Euro 2.1m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, TV3.Int'l sales: Angel Scandinavia. Dist: Angel/Scanbox (Den). Romantic comedy.Exec prods: Mogens Glad, Poul Erik Lindeborg. Prod: Christian E. Christiansen. Dir: Jonas Elmer. Scr:Mette Heeno. DoP: Niels Reedtz Johansen. Prod des: Niels Sejer. Cost des: OleKofoed. Hair/make-up: Anne Cathrine Sauerberg, Thomas Foldberg. Main cast:Mille Dinesen, Lars Kaalund, Ole Lemmeke, Jimmy Joergensen, Mette Horn.Shooting in Copenhagen from Oct 18 until Dec 3.
Contact: Christian E. Christiansen, Angel Production, (45) 35 86 03 42

THE UGLY DUCKLING [Grimme aelling og mig]
(A.Film) Backers: Danish Film Institute, Egmont, TV 2/Danmark, Irish Film Board,Magma Invest, UK Film Services, Futurikon (Fr), Nordic Film & TV Fund,Eurimages. Dist: Nordisk Film. Int'l sales: M6 Droits Audiovisuels Paris. 3Danimated updated version of HC Andersen's classic fairy tale. Prods: AndersMastrup, Irene Sparre. Dir: Michael Hegner, Karsten Kiilerich. Scr: StefanFjeldmark, Michael Hegner, Karsten Kiilerich, Mark Hodkinson.
Contact: Anders Mastrup, A Film, (45) 35 82 70 60.


(AlphaVille Productions Copenhagen) Budget: DKK15,7m. Backers: Danish FilmInstitute, Danish Broadcasting Corp/DR, Nordisk Film- & TV Fond, SF Film.Dist: SF Film (Scandinavia). Drama. Prod: Tine Grew Pfeiffer. Dir: ChristofferBoe. Scr: Christoffer Boe, Mikael Wulff. DoP: Manuel Claro. Ed: Peter Brandt.Prod des: Nikolaj Danielsen. Cost des: Gabi Humnicki. Hair/make-up: CharlotteLaustsen. Music: Thomas Knak. Main cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Henning Moritzen,Nicolas Bro. Shooting in Copenhagen from Sep 27 until Nov 13.
Contact: Caroline Blanco, AlphaVille Productions Copenhagen, (45) 33 91 91 70

DOMMEREN (working title)
(Zentropa Entertainments 7) Budget: DKK17m. Backer: Danish Film Institute.Int'l sales:Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Drama about a judge who's careerand private life is in turmoil. Exec prod: Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prod: MikaelOlsen. Dir: Gert Fredholm. Scr: Mikael Olsen. DoP: Joergen Johansson. Ed: MollyMalene Stensgaard. Prod des: Viggo Bentzon. Cost des: Tove Berg. Hair/make-up:Marianne Faerch. Main cast: Peter Gantzler, Jens Okking, Sarah Boberg, PeterSchroeder, Samanta Gomez. Shooting in Copenhagen from Sep 22 until Nov 17.
Contact: Mikael Olsen, Zentropa, (45) 3686 8964

(NWR Productions) Co-prod: Nordisk Film, PUSHER 3 Ltd. Budget: $2.1m. Backer:Danish Film Institute, TV2 Denmark, Nordisk Film, NWR Films. Int'l sales:Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Action drama abouta gangster boss who has to fight to win his territory back. Exec prods: KennethD. Plummer, Rupert Preston, Kim Magnusson. Prod: Henrik Danstrup. Co-prod:Josephine Denbury. Dir/scr: Nicolas Winding Refn. DoP: Morten Soeborg. Ed: AnneOesterud. Prod des: Rasmus Thjellesen. Cost des: Jane Whittaker. Hair/make-up:Louise Bruun. Music: Peter Peter. Main cast: Zlatko Buric, Slavko Labovic.Shooting in Copenhagen from Sep 27 until Nov 5.
Contact: Henrik Danstrup, NWR Productions, (45) 35 37 42 32

(ZentropaEntertainments12) Co-prods: Spillefilmskompagniet 4 1/2 (Nor), Memfis FilmInternational (Swe). Backers: Danish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Fund,Swedish Film Institute, Zoma Films Ltd. (UK), TV2 Denmark, Nordic Film & TVFund. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Carsten, a50-year-old, married high-school teacher, is having an affair with Pil, a muchyounger, politically active woman. Carsten's wife, Nina, wants a divorce. Pilis involved in a political action that results in the death of a policeman.Suddenly, Carsten's neat, structured life is spinning out of control. Exec prod: Peter AalbaekJensen. Prod: Ib Tardini. Dir: Per Fly. Scr: Kim Leona, Per Fly, Dorte Hoegh,Mogens Rukov. DoP: Harald Paalgaard. Prod des: Soeren Gam. Ed: Morten Giese. Sound: MickRaaschou. Main cast: Jesper Christensen, Beate Bille, Charlotte Fich, PernillaAugust. Shooting in Denmark from Aug 18 until Oct 10.
Contact: Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(AlphaVille Productions Copenhagen) Budget: DKK3.3m. Backer: Danish FilmInstitute (Talent Development Fund). Int'l sales: tba. Dist: tba. Drama about aman who is given one year to become invisible. He is given a camera to documenthis transformation. Slowly he will lose friends, colleagues, career and hismarriage, when he is forced out of reality and into fiction. Prod: Tine GrewPfeiffer. Dir: Christoffer Boe. Scr: Christoffer Boe, Knud Romer Joergensen.DoP: Nicolas Bro, Manuel Claro. Ed: Peter Brandt. Main cast: Nicolas Bro,Mikael Wulff, Lene Maria Christensen, Ali Kazim. Shooting in Copenhagen fromJuly 2004 until July 2005.
Contact: Caroline Blanco, AlphaVille Productions Copenhagen, (45) 33 91 91 70

(Tre Vanner, M&M Productions) See Sweden listings

DEN STORE DAG (working title)
(Nordisk Film Production) Backers: Danish Film Institute. Dist: Nordisk Film(Scan). Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Romantic comedy aboutAnne, a wedding planner, who runs an agency along with her friend Jesper,Denmark's only homophobic gay guy. Both have problems with relationships andit's obviously easier for them to stage other people's happiness than to gettheir own love life in order, but then Anne falls for a client. Exec prod: KimMagnusson. Prod: Thomas Heinesen. Dir: Morten Arnfred. Scr: Ina Bruhn. DoP:Philippe Kress. Prod des: Charlotte Bech. Ed: Lars Therkelsen. Sound: HenrikLangkilde. Music: Ole Arnfred, Jon Bruland. Main cast: Louise Mieritz, NikolajSteen, Henrik Prip, Christian Tafdrup, Trine Dyrholm, Frank Thiel. Shooting inCopenhagen from Aug-Sep.

Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 36 18 82 00


ADAM'S APPLES [Adams Aebler]
(M&M Productions) Budget: DKR21m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, FilmFyn,Nordic Film & TV Fund, Danish Broadcasting Corp/DR. Int'l sales: NordiskFilm International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scan). Comedy about a hardenedcriminal sent into trainee service with a minister, a position whichdrastically alters his view on life. Prod: Tivi Magnusson, Mie Andreasen.Dir/scr: Anders Thomas Jensen. DoP: Sebastian Blenkov. Ed: Anders Villadsen. Prod des:Mia Stensgaard. Cost des: Jane Whittaker. Music: Jeppe Kaas. Main cast: Mads Mikkelsen,Ulrich Thomsen, Paprika Steen, Nicolas Bro, Ole Thestrup.
Contact:Tivi Magnusson, M&M Productions (45) 70 2030 80

ANKLAGET (working title)
(Nordisk Film Production) Backer: Danish Film Institute, TV 2/Danmark. Int'lsales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film. A psychologicalthriller, which follows a sympathetic family father and swimming instructor,whose life collapses when he suddenly is accused of a serious crime. Exec prod:Kim Magnusson. Prod: Thomas Heinesen. Dir: Jacob Thuesen. Scr: Kim FupzAakeson. DoP: Sebastian Makker Blenkov. Ed: Per K. Kirkegaard. Main Cast:Troels Lyby, Sofie Graaboel, Paw Henriksen, Louise Mieritz, Ditte Graaboel.
Contact: Thomas Heinesen, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 36 18 82 00

BEFORE THE FROST [Innan Frosten]
(Yellow Bird Productions) (see Sweden listings)

CHINAMAN [Kinamand]
(Fine & Mellow Productions) Co-prod: Maipo Film (Nor). Budget: DKK16,5m.Backer: Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Fund,Nordic Film & TV Fund, DR, NRK. Dist: Nordisk Film (Scan). Drama comedyabout a divorcee who agrees to a bogus marriage with the sister of his localChinese restaurant. Prod: Thomas Gammeltoft. Dir: Henrik Ruben Genz. Scr: KimFupz Aakeson. Main cast: Bjarne Henriksen, Vivian Wu, Charlotte Fich, PawHenriksen, Johan Rabeus.
Contact: Thomas Gammeltoft, Fine & Mellow Productions, (45) 36 18 85 00

(Lucky Punch) Co-prods: Pain Unlimited GmBH (Ger), Liberator2 Sarl/Slot machineSarl (Fr), Dear Wendy ltd. (UK). Budget: Euros 6.9m. Backers: Danish FilmInstitute, TV2/Denmark, Filmstiftung, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, SVT (Swe),Canal+, Arte France Cinema (Fr), Arte ZDF (Ger). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales.Drama set in a small mining village in the US tells about a group of youngoutsiders who form a pacifist group with a dangerous infatuation with guns.Exec prods: Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Birgitte Hald, Peter Garde, Vibeke Windeloev.Co-prods: Bettina Brokemper, Marianne Slot, Gillian Berrie. Prod: Sisse GraumOlsen. Dir: Thomas Vinterberg. Scr: Lars von Trier. DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle.Ed: Mikkel E.G. Nielsen. Prod design: Jette Lehmann, Karl Juliusson. Make-up:Pascale Bouquiere. Costume design: Annie Perier. Sound design: Ray Beckett.Main cast: Jamie Bell, Chris Owen, Mark Webber, Michael Angarano, Danso Gordon,Alison Pill, Bill Pullman.
Contact: Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

FORGET ME NOT [Bag det stille Ydre]
(Prodco : Wise Guy Productions) Co-prods: Scanbox, Zentropa. Budget: E 1.5m. Dist:Angel/Scanbox. Paranormal thriller. Exec prods: Mads Peter Ole Olsen,Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Joergen Kristiansen. Prod: Thomas Stegler. Dir:Martin Schmidt. Scr: Dennis Jurgensen. DoP: Jan Weincke. Ed: Nanna FrankMoller. Prod des: Anders Joensson. Cost des: Lisa Andersen. Hair/make-up: MiaBidstrup. Music: Joackim Holbek. Main cast: Dejan Cukic, Jacob Cedergren, Anne BirgitteLind, Andrea vagn Jensen, Lykke Sand Mikkelsen.
Contact:Thomas Stegler, Wise Guy Productions, (45) 36 86 87 16

THE GENTLE PAIN [Den milde smerte]
Co-prod: Ulf Berggren Productions (Swe). Budget: E1m. Backer: Danish FilmInstitute, Swedish Film Institute, DR. Int'l sales/dist: Posthus Teatret (Den).A film director steals the archives of a famous writer. Co-prod: Ulf Berggren.Prod: Tom Winther. Dir/scr: Carsten Brandt. DoP: Jean-Yves Dion. Main cast: EwaFroling, Carsten Brandt, Kaspar Leisner. Shooting in Denmark, France and Italyfrom May until Sep 2004.
Contact:Tom Winther, Posthus Teatret, (45) 21 75 07 45

GROWN UP PEOPLE [Voksne Mennesker]
(Nimbus Film) Co-prod: Zik Zak Filmworks (Ice), Zentropa Entertainments, DR.Budget: DKK13.6m. Backers: Icelandic Film Fund, Nordic Film & TV Fund,Danish Film Institute, DR. Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film(Den). Comedy drama about a graffiti artist who earns his living by makingdeclarations of love on demand on the walls of the city. The same day he meetsand falls in love with the beautiful girl, Fran, he gets busted. Exec prods: Bo Ehrhardt,Birgitte Hald. Prods: Birgitte Skov, Morten Kaufman. Dir: Dagur Kari. Dagur Kari,Rune Schjoett. DoP: Manuel Claro. Ed: Daniel Dencik. Prod des: Nikolaj Danielsen.Art dir: Gunnar Palsson. Music: Slowblow. Main cast: Jakob Cedergreen, NicolasBro, Nikolaj Kopernikus, Bodil Joergensen.
Contact: Birgitte Skov, Nimbus Film, (45) 36 34 09 10

(Blenkov & Schoennemann) Backers: Danish Film Institute, Nordisk Film,Nordic Film & TV Fund. Int'lsales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Elias is at a toyfair in Paris. His wife Ingrid and his entire family are waiting for him tocome home. They have organized a surprise party for his 60th birthday. Unawareof their plans, Elias decides to stay in Paris and celebrate his birthday onhis own. This decision triggers an avalanche of events that brings familyconflicts into the open, but is also a cause of reconciliation. Prod: Malene Blenkov, Michel Schoennemann. Dir: Jacob Groenlykke. Scr:Jacob Groenlykke, Mogens Rukov. DoP: Nicolaj Bruel. Sound: Per Streit. Main cast: Jens Okking, Birthe Neumann, Sonja Richter, Kim Bodnia.
Contact: Blenkov & Schoennemann, (45) 36 18 84 00

LOST GENERATION [Familien Gregersen]
(Grasten Film) Budget: DKR25.5m. Backers: DanishFilm Institute, TV2/Denmark. Int'l sales: Nordisk FilmInternational Sales. Dist: Buena Vista (Den). Family drama in two parts,The Family and Lost Generations, based on fourbestselling novels by Christian Kampmann. Prod: Regner Grasten. Dir:Charlotte Sachs Bostrup. Scr: Ib Kastrup. DoP: DirkBruel. Set design: Trine Tsering Padmo Olsen. Costume design: Sara Mau. Maincast: Thomas Levin, Sofie Lassen Kahlke, Kristian Ibler, Robert Hansen, PiaVieth, Laura Drasbaek.
Contact: Regner Grasten, Grasten Film, (45) 39 63 44 24

(Zentropa Entertainments13) Co-prod: Co-prod : Ognon Pictures/Humbert Balsan(Fr), Memfis Int. AB/Lars Jonsson (Swe), Pain Unlimited GMBH/Bettina Brokemper(Ger), Manderlay Ltd./Gillian Berrie (UK), Isabella Films Int./Els Vandevorst(Neth). Budget: Euros 11,7m. Backer: Danish Film Institute, Film I Vast (Swe),DR TV-Drama, Eurimages, Filmstiftung NRW (Ger), Arte France Cinema (Fr), SwedishFilm Institute, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, SVT Fiktion (Swe), Arte-WDR (Ger),Film Fund of The Netherlands, Cobo Fund (Neth), Finnish Film Foundation,YLE/TV1 (Fin), NPS Television (Neth). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dist:Nordisk Film (Den). The story continues from the point where Grace leftDogville. We follow her and her father as they come to Manderlay, a plantationin Alabama where they witness the horrors and injustice of slavery, whichcompels Grace to intervene. Exec prods: Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Lene Boerglum.Prod: Vibeke Windeloev. Dir/scr: Lars von Trier. DoP: Anthony Dod Mantle. Ed: Molly MaleneStensgaard. Prod des: Peter Grant. Cost des: Manon Rasmussen. Sound des: PerStreit, Kristian Eidnes Andersen. Light des: Aasa Frankenberg. Hair/make-up:Evelyn Boyt. Main cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Isaach De Bankole, Danny Glover,Willem Dafoe.
Contact: Fusun Eriksen, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 76

MARTIN LUTHER KING AND I (working title) [MartinLuther King & mig]
(Zentropa Entertainments6) Backers: Zentropa Invest, Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark, FilmFyn, Nordisk Film & TV Fund. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Int'lsales: Trust Film Sales. One day 12-year-old Fritz gets his ear torn half offby the headmaster of the provincial school. His parents charge the headmasterwith assault, but the headmaster has backing from the school and board, andFritz has to seek justice on his own. Prod: Sisse Graum Olsen. Dir: Niels ArdenOplev. Scr:Niels Arden Oplev, Steen Bille. DoP: Lars Vestergaard. Prod des: Soeren Skjaer.Ed: Soeren B. Ebbe. Sound: Kristian Eidnes Andersen. Music: Jacob Groth.
Contact: Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36 86 87 88

(NimbusFilm) Co-prod: Zentropa Entertainments. Budget: DKK19,9m. Backers: Danish FilmInstitute, Nordic Film- & TV Fund, West Danish Film Pool, Aalborg Kommune,Nordjyllands Amt, Danish Broadcasting Corp/DR, OC Film. Int'l sales: Trust FilmSales. Dist: Nordisk Film (Den). Drama about a group of young misfits in searchfor a reason to live. Exec Prod: Bo Ehrhardt. Prod: Meta Louise Foldager. Dir:Ole Christian Madsen. Scr: Ole Christian Madsen, Bo Hr. Hansen. DoP: JoergenJohansson. Ed: Soeren B. Ebbe. Prod des: Jette Lehmann. Make-up: Kamilla Bjerglind. Cost des: HelleNielsen. Sound: Christian Lund. Main cast: Thure Lindhardt, Signe Egholm Olsen,Claus Riis Oestergaard, Pernille Vallentin Brandt, Thomas Corneliussen.
Contact:Annakarin Stroem, Trust Film Sales, (45) 36868788

(Nordisk Film Production) Co-prod: TV2 Denmark, BBC (UK). Budget: $1.3m.Backer: Danish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fond. Dist: Nordisk Film(Den). Int'l sales: TV2 Denmark (TV Sales). Feature documentary about theclosed world of professional cycling with former pro rider Tour de Francewinner Bjarne Riis. Exec prod: Kim Magnusson. Prod: Mikael Chr Rieks. Dir:Tomas Gislason. DoP: Mads Thomsen. Ed: Valdis Oskarsdottir, Morten Hoejbjerg.Main cast: Bjarne Riis, Ivan Basso, Jens Voigt, Michele Bartoli, Carlos Sastre.
Contact: Mikael Chr. Rieks, Nordisk Film Production, (45) 23 33 03 04

(ThuraFilm) Budget: DKR17.5m. Backers: Danish Film Institute, DR, Film Fyn. Dist:Sandrew Metronome (Scandinavia). Black romantic comedy about an unusual loveaffair between a young man and a older woman and the solarium they runtogether. Prods: Michael Obel, Carsten Holst. Dir: Tomas Villum Jensen. Scr:Anders Thomas Jensen. Main cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Birthe Neumann, Thomas BoLarsen, Niels Olsen, Peter Gantzler.
Contact:Michael Obel, Thura Film, (45) 33 44 11 11

THE TAKE-AWAY BRIDE [aka Steve's Lucky Day]
(Zentropa Productions) Budget: DKK4.7m. Co-prod: Trillium Hill Productions Ltd(Can). A British M.D. flies to Canada to impress his web date, hopefully hiswife-to-be, but each has agendas of their own. Exec prods: Peter AalbaekJensen, Lene Boerglum. Prod: Una Voetmann. Co-prod: Bruce Dennis. Dir/scr:Vibeke Muasya. DoP: Sebastian Winteroe. Ed: Pia Nielsen, Sebastian W. Hansen.Make up: Liette Lanteigne. Music: Flemming Nordkrog. Main cast: John Persson,Patricia McKenzie.
Contact: Una Voetmann, Zentropa Productions, (45) 36 86 87 88

WE'RE THE CHAMPIONS [Hvem Var Det Der Vandt I Dag]
(Zeitgeiset) Co-prod: Zentropa. Budget: $1m. Backers: TV2/Denmark, Scanbox.Dist: Scanbox (Scandinavia). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Youth film aboutfootball. Exec prods: Mads Olsen, Jorgen Kristiansen. Prod: Soren JuulPetersen. Dir: Martin Hagbjer. Scr: Morten Dragsted. DoP: Lars Beyer. Main cast: LarsBom, Bjarne Henriksen, Camilla Bendix, Claus Bue, Susanne Storm.
Contact:Soren Juul Petersen, Zeitgeist, (45) 36 86 87 47

(NWR Productions) Budget: $2.3m. Backer:Danish Film Institute, TV2/Denmark,Nordisk Film, NWR Film. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist:Nordisk Film (Scan), Rupert Preston (UK). Fresh out of another prison termTonny discovers that he has a child and a debt to his father, the most viciousgangster in Copenhagen. Exec prod: Kim Magnusson. Co-prod: Rupert Preston.Prod: Henrik Danstrup. Dir/scr: Nicolas Winding Refn. DoP: Morten Soeborg. Ed:Anne Oesterud. Prod des: Rasmus Tjellesen. Cost des: Jane Wittaker.Hair/make-up: Louise Bruun. Music: Peter Peter Schneidermann. Main cast: MadsMikkelsen, Leif Sylvester, Anne Soerensen, Kurt Nielsen, Oeyvind Hagen-Traberg.
Contact:Henrik Danstrup, NWR Productions, (45) 35 37 42 32

YOUNG ANDERSEN [Unge Andersen]
(Nordisk Film Production) Co-prod: DR, SVT (Swe). Budget: E 5.33m. Backer:Danish Film Institutte, HCA 2005 Foundation, Nordic Film & TV Fund,FilmFyn. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film(Scan). Drama about the crucial encounter between a eighteen-year-old HansChristian Andersen and Meisling, the cynical school principal, whichfundamentally transforms his life. Exec prod: Erik Crone, Kim Magnusson.Co-prod: Ditte Christiansen, Ingolf Gabold. Prod: Tina Dalhoff. Dir: RumleHammerich. Scr: Ulf Stark. DoP: Nicolaj Bruel. Ed: Camilla Skousen, MortenHoejbjerg. Prod des: Peter de Neergaard. Cost des: Manon Rasmussen.Hair/make-up: Anne Cathrine Sauerberg, Charlotte Laustsen. Music: Jacob Groth.Main cast: Simon Dahl Thaulow, Henning Jensen, Lars Brygmann, Puk Scharbau,Benny Poulsen.
Contact: Susan Wendt, Nordisk Film International Sales, (45) 33 26 67 00



(Talent House) Budget: Euro 1.5m. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation. Int'l sales:Nordisk International Sales. Dist: Columbia TriStar Nordisk (Scan). Comedyabout the wives and girlfriend's of a seventh division football team whochallenge their men to an all decisive game. Prod: Jarkko Hentula. Dir: JoonaTena. Scr: Outi Keskevaari, Katri Manninen. Main cast: tba. Shooting in summer2005.
Contact: Jarkko Hentula, Talent House, (358) 9 5407 8233

(Kinofinlandia) Budget: Euro 2m. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation. Dist: FS FilmFinland. Drama about a high school student seeking instant success in the adultworld persuades his underage friends to commit a senseless crime. Prod/dir:Pekka Lehto. Scr: Juha Siltala, Pekka Lehto, Jaakko Heinimaki, WilliamAldridge. DoP: Kasimir Lehto, Howard Smith. Ed: Joona Louhivuori. Main cast:Reino Nordin, Julius Lavonen, Juuso Pekkinen, Mikko Vanhala, Laura Malmberg.Shooting in Trollhattan in 2004.
Contact: Pekka Lehto, Kinofinlandia, (358) 9 2781 783

JADE WARRIOR [Jadesoturi]
(Blind SpotPictures) Co-prod: Fu Works (Neth). Budget: Euro1.7m. Backers: Finnish FilmFoundation, Sandrew Metronome. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Scan), A-Film (B'lx).Kung-fu-fantasy-comedy about a Finn who meets Kung Fu while investigating hisown death 5,000 years earlier in China. Exec prod: San Fu Maltha. Prods: TeroKaukomaa, Petri Jokiranta. Dir: AJ Annila. Scr: Iiro Kuttner. To be shot inTampere and Lappland.
Contact: Tero Kaukomaa, Blind Spot Pictures, (358) 400 709430

A MAN'S JOB [Miehen tyo]
(Blind Spot Pictures) Budget: Euro 1.7m. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation. Int'lsales: tba. Dist: Sandrew Metronome (Fin). Drama comedy about a family man, wholooses his job and starts an escort service. Prods: Petri Jokiranta, TeroKaukomaa. Dir/scr: Aleksi Salmenpera. DoP: Tuomo Hutri. Prod des: AnnikaBjorkmann. Main cast: tba. Shooting in September 2005.
Contact: Tero Kaukomaa, Blind Spot Pictures +41 79 2537638

(MRP MatilaRohr Productions) Budget: Euro4-6m. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation. Animatedchildren's film based on the popular characters. Prods: Ilkka Matila, MarkoRohr. Dir: Pekka Lehtosaari. Scr: Allu Tuppurainen, Pekka Lehtosaari.
Contact: Ilkka Matila, Matila Rohr Productions, (358) 9 540 7820


BEST OF THE MOTHERS [Aideista parhain]
(MRP Matila Rohr Productions) Co-prod: Omega Film. Budget: Euro2.7m. Backers:Finnish Film Foundation, Swedish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fund, YLETV1, Svenska Kulturfonden (Swe), Film I Skane (Swe), SVT (Swe). Int'l sales:Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film (Scan).Drama about an old Finnish man who returns to Sweden to bury the woman who tookcare of him during the war. He confronts his memories from the past, learns tounderstand his life's turning points, to forgive and to love for the first timein his life. Co-prod: Lennart Duner. Prod: Ilkka Matila. Dir: Klaus Haro. Scr: JimmyKarlsson, Kirsi Wikman, based on the novel by Heikki Hietamies. DoP: Jarkko TLaine. Prod des: Cian Bornebusch. Cost des: Anna Svadendahl. Main cast: TopiMajaniemi, Marjaana Maijala, Esko Salminen, Aino-Maija Tikkanen, MichaelNyqvist. Shooting in Turku Finland and Skane Sweden from Sep 19 until Dec.
Contact: Ilkka Matila, Matila Rohr Productions, (358) 9 540 7820

PROMISE [aka Women at War]
(Fantasiafilmi)Budget: Euros 2.8m. Backer: The Finnish Women's Aid Foundation. Dist: NordiskFilm. A drama about young women longing for freedom, about their dreams andgrowth to a deeper responsibility in a time when Finland had to fight againstthe Soviet Union in the 2nd World War. It is a story of women who pushed asidetheir own dreams and promised to serve their fatherland. Prod: Asko Apajalahti.Dir: IlkkaVanne. Scr: Inkeri Kilpinen, Elina Halttunen. DoP: Jani Kumpulainen. Cost des:Auli Turtiainen. Hair/make-up: Kati Koskela. Ed: Tuomo Leino. Prod des: PenttiValkeasuo. Cost des: Auli Turtiainen. Hair/make-up: Kati Koskela. Main cast:Laura Birn, Hanna Lekander, Karoliina Vanne. Shot in three stages, in March,May and Oct-Nov 2004 in Finland.
Contact:Asko Apajalahti, Fantasiafilmi, (358) 9 5407 850


FROZEN LAND [Paha maa]
(Solar Films) Budget: Euros 1.4m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, TV2Finland, Nordic Film & TV Fund, Media Programme of EU. Int'l sales: BirchTree Entertainment. Dist: Buena Vista International Finland. fast moving andrealistic portrayal of a friendship full of dramatic and tragic events, actionand humor. Exec prod: Jukka Helle. Co-prod: Jussi Salonoja, Jussi Lepisto. Prod: Markus Selin. Dir:Aku Louhimies. Scr: Paavo Westerberg, Jari Rantala, Aku Louhimies. DoP: RaunoRonkainen. Ed: Samu Heikkila. Prod des: Sattva-Hanna Toiviainen. Cost des:Tiina Kaukanen. Hair/make-up: Hannele Herttua. Main cast: Jasper Paakkonen,Mikko Leppilampi, Pamela Tola, Matleena Kuusniemi, Petteri Summanen. Shooting inHelsinki from Feb 17 until Apr 8.
Contact: Markus Selin, Solar Films, (358) 9 417 44 700

HARBOUR BOYS [Keisarikunta]
(Mandart Entertainment) Budget: Euro 1,25m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation. Dist: FS Film (Fin). astory about youth, music and friendship set in the 50s. Exec prod: PamelaMandart. Prod/dir: Pekka Mandart. Scr: Sami Keski-Vahala, Pekka Mandart. DoP:Kari Sohlberg. Set des: Pirjo Rossi. Ed: Jari Innanen. Main cast: MikkoLeppilampi, Mikko Nousiainen, Petteri Summanen, Niko Saarela, Tuomas Uusitalo.
Contact:Pamela Mandart, Mandart Entertainment, (358) 9 694 3142.

I BELIEVE/SHEPHERDS (working title) [Mina uskon/Paimenet]
(Alppiharjun elokuva) Budget: Euro 280,000. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation.Dist: FS Film (Fin). Feature documentary focusing on eight priests from theKallio parish in Helsinki and on the reality of a traditional working-classneighborhood undergoing radical changes. Prod: HT Partanen. Dir: Veikko Aaltonen. Scr: VeikkoAaltonen, HT Partanen. DoP: Marita Hallfors. Ed: Kimmo Kohtasalo.
Contact: HT Partanen, Alppiharjun elokuva, (358) 9 148 1636.

(Kinoproduction) Co-prod: Filmlance International (Swe). Backers: Finnish FilmFoundation. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: ColumbiaTristar Nordisk Film (Scan). Serious comedy about loving and forgiving.Co-prod: Borje Hansson. Prod/dir: Claes Olsson. Scr: Anna-Leena Harkonen. DoP:Pertti Mutanen. Music: Yari. Main cast: Tiina Lymi, Nicke Lignell, MilkaAhlroth, Santeri Kinnunen.
Contact: Claes Olsson, Kinoproductions, (358) 9 685 0460

PELICANMAN [Pelikaanimies]
(Lumifilm)Co-prod: Migma Film (Swe). Budget: Euro2.2m. Backers: Eurimages, Finnish FilmFoundation, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE, Swedish Film Institute, NordicFilm & TV Fund, Foundation for Swedish Culture in Finland, IcelandicNational Broadcasting Service Television RuV. Int'l sales: Nonstop Sales. Dist:Buena Vista (Finland, Sweden). Live-action children's feature about thehumorous adventures of a pelican and a ten-year-old boy in a world where theline between reality and make-believe is not always clear. Prod: Hanna Hemila.Co-prod: Anita Oxburgh. Dir: Liisa Helminen. Scr: Liisa Helminen, WilliamAldridge, based on a book by Leena Krohn. Main cast: Kari Ketonen, RoniHaarakangas, Inka Nuorgam, Liisa Kuoppamaki, Jonna Jarnefelt. Shot from June 9until Aug 22 2003 in Helsinki and surroundings.
Contact: Hanna Hemila, Lumifilm, (358) 9 622 5882.

(Kinoproduction) Budget: Euro 1.15m. Backer: Finnish Film Foundation. Int'lsales: tba. Dist: Columbia TriStar Nordisk Film Distributors (Fin). Two coupleswho are both trying to have children get entangled after a class reunion. Prod:Leila Lyytikainen. Dir: Claes Olsson. Scr: Anna-Leena Harkonen. DoP: PerttiMutanen. Cost des: Elina Lario. Hair/make-up: Hannele Herttua, Hilkka Stenberg.Music: Yari. Main cast: Tiina Lymi, Nicke Lignell, Milka Ahlroth, SanteriKinnunen, Anna-Leena Harkonen.
Contact: Leila Lyytikainen, Kinoproduction, (358) 9 685 0460.

THE SON (working title) [Poika]
(Sputnik) Budget: Euro 1m. Backer(s): Finnish Film Foundation. An accident onthe front yard of a house kills a five-year old boy and leaves the family ingrief. Prod: Ilkka Mertsola. Dir/scr: Kari Paljakka. DoP: Pekka Uotila. Costdes: Nina Pasanen. Main cast: Hannu-Pekka Bjorkman, Katja Kukkola, MariRantasila, Tommi Korpela.
Contact: Ilkka Mertsola, Sputnik, (358) 9 6877 100.

VALO [Den Farlige Dagbog]
(Periferia Productions) Co-prod: Giraff Film (Swe), Speranza Film (Nor).Budget: NOK14.8m. Backers: Finnish Film Foundation, Norwegian Film Fund,Swedish Film Institute. Dist: FS Film (Fin), ORO Film (Nor). Fact basedDickens-like story of Valo, a talented 9-year-old son of a chimney sweep, whothrough the chimneys brings hope of a better future to the children living inpoverty and misery. Prod: Outi Rousu. Dir: Kaija Juurikkala. Scr: Markku Flink.DoP: Harri Raty. Prod des: Tarja Vaatanen. Cost des: Riitta Ropelinen. Main cast:Teijo Eloranta, Rea Mauranen, Olka Horila, Hannu Kivioja, Pentti Korhonen.
Contact: Outi Rousu, Periferia Productions, (358) 8 5540 451.



A GATHERING OF FOES [Ovinafagnaour]
(VikingSagas) Co-prod: Icelandic Film Corporation. Budget: $25m. Backer: IcelandicFilm Centre. Period drama based on one of the most famous Icelandic sagas. Exec prod:Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Prod: Bradley Adams. Dir: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson.Scr: Einar Karason. Shoots in Iceland, winter 2004/5.
Contact: Anna Maria Karlsdottir, Icelandic Film Corporation, (354) 551 22 60

(Taka Film) Co-prod: Filmhuset (Nor). Backer: Icelandic Film Centre. Children'sfilm. Exec prod: Egil Odegard. Prod/dir/scr: Ari Kristinsson. To be shot inNorway in 2004.
Contact: Ari Kristinsson, Taka Film Production, (354) 555 30 64

(Pegasus Pictures) Backer: Icelandic Film Centre. Social drama. Prods: SnorriThorisson, Hronn Kristinsdottir. Dir/scr: Arni Oli Asgeirsson. To be shot inIceland.
Contact: Snorri Thorisson, Pegasus Pictures, (354) 511 4590


BEOWULF & GRENDEL [Bjolfskvioa]
(Bjolfskvida ehf, Grendel Prod) Co-prod: The Film Works (Can), Spice Factory(UK), The Icelandic Film Corporation. Budget: $12m. Backer(s): Icelandic FilmCentre, TeleFilm (Can). Medieval horror adventure based on the Beowulf legend. Exec prods: PaulStephens, Eric Jordan, Michael Cowan, Jason Piette. Co-prod: Andrew Rai Berzin.Prod: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Dir: Sturla Gunnarsson. Scr: Andrew Rai Berzins.DoP: Jan Kiesser. Ed: Jett Warren. Prod des: Arni Pall Johannsson. Cost des:Debra Hanson. Hair/make-up: Daniel Parker. Music: Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson. Maincast: Gerard Butler, Sarah Polley, Stellan Skarsgaard. Shoots in Iceland fromOct for 10 weeks.
Contact: Anna Maria Karlsdottir, Icelandic Film Corporation, (354) 551 22 60

(BlueEyes Production) Co-prod: Palomar Pictures (US). Budget: $12m. Backer:Icelandic Film Centre. Int'l sales: Katapult Film Sales. Psychological thrillerabout a dead scam artist with a million-dollar life insurance policy. Hissister, her husband and an insurance investigator all become embroiled in thecase. Prods: Sigurjon Sighvatsson, Baltasar Kormakur. Dir: Baltasar Kormakur.Scr: Baltasar Kormakur, Edward Weinman. DoP: Ottar Guonason. Prod des: KarlJuliusson. Cost des: Helga I. Stefansdottir. Hair/make-up: Ragna Fossberg. Maincast: Forrest Whittake, Julia Stiles, Jeremy Renner. Shooting in Iceland untilOct 10.
Contact: Thomas Mai, Katapult Film Sales, (1) 310 450 4343


ELEVEN MEN OUT [Strakarnir Okkar]
(The Icelandic Film Company) Co-prods: F&ME (UK), Birdpic (UK), Spleis(Nor), Solar Films (Fin). Backer: Icelandic Film Centre. An all gay footballteam in an amateur football league get the change of a lifetime when they havethe opportunity to play against the big guns. Prods: Julius Kemp, IngvarThordarson. Dir: Robert I Douglas. Scr: Robert I. Douglas, Jon Atli Jonasson.Cost des: Linda Arnadottir. Music: Johann Johannsson. Main cast: Bjorn HlynurHaraldsson, Helgi Bjorns, Lilja Nott.
Contact: Julius Kemp, The Icelandic Film Company, (354) 562 4615

IN TUNE WITH THE TIMES [I takt vio timann]
(Bjarmalandehf) Budget: Euro 1m. Backers: Icelandic Film Centre, NLC Ltd. Dist: NLC ltd.Musical comedy about a pathetic aging pop group, who suddenly see hope thattheir dream may finally come true. Unfortunately, however, dreams can turn intonightmares. Prods: Jakob Frimann Magnússon, Agust Guomundsson, Porour Arnason.Dir: Ágúst Guomundsson. Scr: Agust Guomundsson, Eggert Porleifsson, Studmenn.DoP: Vidir Sigurdsson. Ed: Saevar Gudmundsson. Prod des: Frosti Fridriksson.Cost des: Rebekka Ingimundardottir. Hair/Make up: Ragna Fossbert. Music:Studmenn. Main cast: Egill Olafsson, Ragnhildur Gisladottir, EggertThorleifsson, Studmenn.
Contact: Jakob F. Magnusson, Bjarmaland, (354) 863 0962

(Blue Eyes Productions) Backers: Icelandic Film Centre. Bridget Jones-likecomedy drama based on local bestselling novel about a 23-year-old woman tryingto sort out her life. Prod: Baltasar Kormakur. Dir: Sija Hauksdottir. Scr:Silja Hauksdottir, Birna Anna Bjornsdottir and Oddny Sturludottir based ontheir own novel. DoP: Jakob Ingimundarson. Music: Johann Johannsson. Main cast:Alfrun Helga Ornolfsdottir, Ilmur Kristjansdottir, Gunnar Hansson, ArniTryggvason, Thorunn Erna Clausen. Shot in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Contact: Baltasar Kormakur, Blue Eyes Productions, (354) 511 7060



IMPORT AND EXPORT [Import og Eksport]
(Filmhuset Produksjoner) Co-prods: Illusion Film (Swe), Icelandic FilmCorporation (Ice), Zentropa (Den). Budget: NOK16.9m. Backer: Norwegian FilmFund. Dist: Scandinavian Entertainment Group (SEG). A romantic comedy whereNorwegian Jan falls in love with Jasmin, who has been promised to her Pakistanicousin. Jan is willing to convert to Islam and ready to try and change thefamily's view of mixed marriages. Exec prod(s): Peter Hiltunen, Mikael Olsen,Fridrik Thor Fridriksson. Prod(s): Egil Oedegaard. Dir/scr: Khalid Hussain.
Contact: Egil Oedegaard, Filmhuset, (47) 22 56 21 00

KURT TURNS EVIL [Kurt blir grusom]
(QvistenAnimation) Backer: Norwegian Film Fund. Children's animation based on ErlandLoe's books Kurt Blir Grusom and Kurt Quo Vadis. Prod: Ove Heiborg, TanyaBadendyck. Dir: Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Tor Sivertsen. Scr: Per Schreiner.
Contact:Ove Heiborg, Qvisten Animation, (47) 22 20 97 40

SVEIN AND ROTTA [Svein og Rotta]
(MaipoFilm) Budget: NOK17.2m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: Nordisk Film. Prod:Dag Alveberg. Dir: Magnus Martens. Scr: Siv Rajendram in collaboration withKristin Ulseth base don Marit Nicolaysen's bestselling children's book. Maincast: tba. Shoots in the fall 2004.
Contact: Dag Alveberg, Maipo Film, (47) 67 52 51 95

TEACHER PEDERSEN [Gymnalaerer Pedersen]
(Motlys)Budget: NOK17.3m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Int'l sales: tba. Dist: SandrewMetronome. A drama about the awakening political consciousness in the country'srecent history in the 1960s, which follows a young teacher Knut Pedersen, whotravels to a small town to work at a high school. Here he gets married and hasa child, but soon gets involved with the Marxist-Leninist movement and theirleader. Prod: Orjan Karlsen. Dir: Hans Petter Moland. Scr: Hans Petter Blad based onDag Solstad's novel. Main cast: tba. Shoots in Norway from Nov 1.
Contact: Orjan Karlsen, Motlys, (47) 23 03 55 60.


FRIENDS FOR LIFE (working title) [Venner For Livet]
(Nordisk Film Production Norway) Budget: NOK14m. Backer: Norwegian Film Fund.Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Columbia Tri-Star/NordiskFilm (Scan). Family adventure about a 12-year old who has to live with hisfamily on a small farm for the summer where he meets a dog called Elvis, anIndian girl and a bull called Samson. Exec prod: Aage Aaberge. Prod: EllenJacobsen. Dir: Arne Lidntner Naess. Scr: Ingrid Wiese, Arne Lidntner Naess,Geir Meum Olsen. DoP: Kjell Vassdal. Prod des: Kenneth Kolberg. Main cast:Magnus Solhaug, Sunaina Jassal, Nina Woxholt, Anders T. Andersen, ReidarSoerensen. Shooting in Oslo from Aug-Sep 2004.
Contact: Ellen Jacobsen, Nordisk Film, (47) 24 14 92 93

LOVE ME TOMORROW [Elsk Meg I Morgen]
(Maipo Film) Budget: NOK14.9m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: UIP (Nor).Drama comedy, the third and final film about the loveable Elling. Exec prod:Dag Alveberg. Dir: Petter Naess. Scr: Aase Vikene. Ed: Inge-Lise Langfeldt.Main cast: Per Christian Ellefsen, Sven Nordin, Per Christensen, Marit PiaJacobsen. Shoots from Oct 11 until Nov 26 in Oslo.
Contact: Dag Alveberg, Maipo Film, (47) 67 52 51 95

(Friland) Budget: NOK13.5m. Backer: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: SandrewMetronome (Scan). Youth comedy about a 16 year-old boy who tries to save hisrelationship with his girlfriend, even though she wants to make her sexualdebut and he doesn't. Prods: Christian Fredrik Martin, Asle Vatn. Dir/scr: OveRaymond Gyldenaas. DoP: Jon Gaute Espevold. Shoots from Aug 24.
Contact: Asle Vatn, Friland, (47) 23 35 82 45.


37 AND A HALF [37 Og Et Halvt]
(Filmkameratene)Budget: NOK15.2m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: SF Norge. Drama comedyabout a woman who doesn't feel she has quite reached the things in her life sheshould have at 37-and-a-half. Prod: John M Jacobsen. Dir/scr: Vibeke Idsoe.Main cast: Helen Vikstvedt, Anne Ryg, Ulrikke Doevigen, Kaare Conradi, AndersBaasmo Christiansen.
Contact: John M. Jacobsen, Filmkameratene, (47) 23 35 53 00

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE [En folkefiende]
(Nordisk Film Production Norway) Co-prod: Nordisk Film. Budget: NOK18m. Backer:Norwegian Film Fund. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist:Columbia TriStar/Nordisk Film (Scandinavia). Updated adaptation of HenrikIbsen's dramatic play. Exec prod: Aage Aaberge. Prod: Kaare Storemyr. Co-prod:Kim Magnusson. Dir: Erik Skjoldbjaerg. Scr: Nikolaj Frobenius, ErikSkjoldbjaerg. DoP: Harald Paalgard. Ed: Jon Endre Moerk. Prod des: Eli Boe.Cost des: Runa Foenne. Hair/make-up: Aase Lund. Main cast: Joergen Langhelle,Trine Wiggen, Pia Tjelta, Sven Nordin, Jon Oeigarden.
Contact: Aage Aaberge, Nordisk Film, (47) 24149236

(BulBul Film) Co-prod: Stark Sales Inc. Budget: NOK17,4m. Backers: NorwegianFilm Fund. Int'l sales: Celluloid Dreams. Dist: SF Norge (Nor). Drama based onCharles Bukowski's novel. Prod: Bent Hamer, Jim Stark, Christine Walker. Dir:Bent Hamer. Scr: Jim Stark, Bent Hamer. DoP: John Christian Rosenlund. Maincast: Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei.
Contact: Jim Stark, Stark Sales, (1) 212 964 7521.

FREE JIMMY (Slipp Jimmy Fri)
(AnimagicNet) Dist: Scandinavian Entertainment Group (Nor). Feature animationabout Jimmy the elephant, who escapes the circus which has housed him all hislife and has turned him into a drug addict, only to face the dangers in thereal world. Prod: Hakon Gundersen. Dir/scr: Christopher Nielsen. Prod des:Mikael Holmberg, Ivar Rødningen, Marianne Selsjord. Main cast: Anders TAndersen, Egil Birkeland, Terje Rangnes, Jan Sælid.
Contact:Hakon Gundersen, AnimagicNet, (47) 2299 7610

KISSED BY WINTER [aka Gutten I Snoeen aka Vinterkyss]
(Friland) Budget: NOK14,8m. Backer: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: SandrewMetronome. Drama about a Swedish doctor working in a small Norwegian village,who gets caught up in a murder investigation. Prods: Christian Fredrik Martin,Asle Vatn. Dir: Sara Johnsen. Scr: Stale Stein Berg, Sara Johnsen. DoP: Odd ReinhardtNicolaisen. Main cast: Annika Hallin, Kridtorffer Joner, Fritjof Saaheim, GoeranRagnerstam, Linn Skaaber.
Contact: Christian Fredrik Martin, Friland, (47) 2335 8204.

(ExposedFilm Productions) Budget: E 174,000. Backers: Norwegian TV2, YLE, NorwegianFilm Fund, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Dist: Exposed Film Productions (Nor).Feature documentary. Exec prod: Bjoern Eivind Aarskog. Prod: Ola K. Hunnes.Dir/scr: Monica Csango. DoP: Bjoern Eivind Aarskog. Ed: Trond Winterkjaer. Maincast: the Csango Family.
Contact: Bjorn Eivind Aarskog, Exposed Film Productions, (47) 22 20 77 00

NEIGHBOURS (working title) [Naboer]
(Spillefilmkompaniet4 ') Co-prods: Memfis Film (Swe), Zentropa (Den). Budget: Euro 1,8m. Backers:Norwegian Film Fund, Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, Eurimages,Norwegian Filmstudio. Int'l sales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist:Nordisk Film (Scandinavia). Psychological thriller. Co-prods: Lars Jonsson,Anna Anthony, Ib Tardini, Peter Aalbaek Jensen. Prod: Turid Oeversveen.Dir/scr: Paal Sletaune. DoP: John Andreas Andersen. Ed: Darek Hodor. Prod des:Jack van Domburg. Cost des: Ingvild Eiring. Hair/make-up: Veslemoy Fosse Ree.Main cast: Kristoffer Joner, Cecilie Mosli, Julia Schacht,Michael Nuquist, AnnaBache-Wiig.
Contact: Turid Oeversveen, Spillefilmkompaniet 4 ', (47) 23 35 65 20

ODINS OYE - EN FILM MED ERIK BYE (working title)
(Paradox Produksjon) Budget: NOK4.2m. Backers: Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: OROFilm (Nor). Feature documentary. Prod: Finn Gjerdrum. Dir: Arne B Rostad. Scr:Christoffer Groendahl. DoP: Hallvard Braein.
Contact: Finn Gjerdrum, Paradox Produksjon, (47) 22 80 95 20

TOO MUCH NorWAY (Alt For Norge)
(Motlys)Backers: AV Fonden. Feature documentary and TV-series. In 2005 Norwaycelebrates its 100th anniversary as an independent nation, and the film triesto capture what ties the people together and their common history. Prod: SigveEndresen. Dir: Sigve Endresen. Scr: Carsten Jensen, Bjorn Godoy, Rune D.Langlo.
Contact: Sigve Endresen, Motlys, (47) 23 03 55 60.



(Nordisk Film Production, Filmlance International) Budget: SEK 15m. Int'lsales: Nordisk Film International Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film/Columbia TriStar(Swe). Police thriller. Exec prod(s): Borje Hansson, HP Lundh, Kim Magnusson.Prod: Lars Blomgren. Dir: TBA. Scr: Rolf Borjlind, Cilla Borjlind. Main cast:TBA.
Contact: Lars Blomgren, Nordisk Film Production, (46) 8 666 36 40

THE ONE YOU LOVE [Den man alskar]
(Nordisk Film Production Sverige) Budget: Euros 1.5m. Int'l sales: Nordisk FilmInternational Sales. Dist: Nordisk Film/Columbia TriStar (Swe). A collective'no' to a relationship that shouldn't be allowed to continue - and apersonal 'yes' that lets it happen - a love story against all odds.Exec prod: HP Lundh, Kim Magnusson. Prod: Lars G Lindstrom. Scr: Kim FupzAakeson. Dir: Ake Sandgren. Shooting in Sweden spring 2005.
Contact: Lars Blomgren, Nordisk Film Production, (46) 8 666 36 40

(Atmo) Co-prods: Zentropa (Den), Paradox Film (Nor). Budget: SEK25m. Featurelength replacement cut-out animation, political satire. Co-prod: Mikael Olsen.Prod: Kristina Aberg. Dir: Tarik Saleh. Scr: Fredrik Edin, Amber Morris.
Contact: Kristina Aberg, Atmo, (46) 8 462 26 91


(Svensk Filmindustri) Backers: ARD/Degeto, TV4, TV2 Norge (Nor), TV2 Denmark(Den), YLE (Fin), Canal+, Film on Gotland. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. Int'lsales: Svensk Filmindustri. Crime drama about police commisoner Van Veeteren,first theatrical feature in a series of five. Prod: Jan Marnell. Dir: DanielLind Lagerlof. Scr: Niklas Rockstrom based on a story by Bjorn Carlstrom andStefan Thunberg. DoP: Olof Johnsson. Set des: Lasse Stromsten. Main cast: SvenWollter, Thomas Hanzon, Eva Rexed, Josef Saterhagen, Philip Zanden. All fivefilms shoot back to back in Stockholm and on Gotland from Aug 14 2004 until Mar11 2005.
Contact: Contact: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 3500

(Roy Andersson Produktion) Backers: Swedish Film Institute. A wild film aboutwhat it is like to be a human being. Prod/dir/scr: Roy Andersson. Shoots inStockholm until mid-2005.
Contact: Studio 24, Roy Andersson Filmprod, (46) 8 662 57 00

(Svensk Filmindustri) Backers: ARD/Degeto, TV4, TV2 Norge (Nor), TV2 Denmark(Den), YLE (Fin), Canal+, Film on Gotland. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. Int'lsales: Svensk Filmindustri. Crime drama about policecommisoner Van Veeteren,second theatrical feature (after Carambole) in a series of five. Prod: JanMarnell. Dir: Erik Leijonborg. Scr: Bjorn Carlstrom, Stefan Thunberg. DoP: RolfLindstrom. Set des: Lasse Stromsten. Main cast: Sven Wollter, Thomas Hanzon,Eva Rexed, Philip Zanden, Thomas Oredsson. All five films shoot back to back inStockholm and on Gotland from Aug 14 2004 until Mar 11 2005.
Contact: Contact: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 3500

PERCY, BUFFALO BILL AND ME [Percy, Buffalo Bill och Jag]
(Felicia Film, Nordisk Film Production) Budget: E2.1m. Int'l sales: NordiskFilm International Sales. Dist: Columbia TriStar Nordisk Film (Swe). A summerof love and sorrow for two 13 year old boys in the country. Exec prods: HPLundh, Kim Magnusson. Prod: Anne Ingvar. Dir: Anders Gustafsson. Scr: UlfStark, based on his book with the same title. Shooting in Sweden from Aug-Sep2004.
Contact: Anne Ingvar, Felicia Film / Nordisk Film Production, (46) 8 666 36 40

(Tre Vanner) Budget: DKK17m. Co-prod: M&M Productions, Film I Vast, ABEkstranda. Backers: Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, SVT, DanishBroadcasting Corp/DR. Int'l sales: tba. Dist: AB Svensk Filmindustri(Scandinavia). Crime thriller based on the bestselling books by HenningMarkell. Co-prods: Tivi Magnusson, P. G. Nilsson, Gunnar Carlsson. Prod: MartinPersson. Dir: Birger Larsen. Scr: Tomas Tivemark, Birger Larsen, MichaelHjorth, Klas Abrahamsson. DoP: Eric Kress. Ed: Jacob Thuesen. Prod des: NielsSejr, Li Garpenfeldt. Cost des: Katja Watkins. Hair/make-up: Ulrika Sjoo. Maincast: Rolf Lassgaard, Peter Gantzler, Christer Fant, Marie Richardsson, LarsMelin. Shooting in Uddevalla, Vanersborg and Trollhattan in Sweden from Aug 16until Oct 10.
Contact: Tre Vanner, (46) 522 300 24

(Memfis Film) Budget: $5.2m. Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Sonet Film(Swe). Int'l sales: Trust Film Sales. Dramatic and humorous story about an 11year-old boy who moves from Lebanon to Sweden. Prod: Anna Anthony. Dir/scr:Josef Fares. Prod des: Anna Asp. Shooting at the Trollhattan studios from Sep forseven weeks followed by ten days in Beirut.
Contact:Anna Anthony, Memfis Film, (46) 8 33 55 76


BEFORE THE FROST [Innan Frosten]
(Yellow Bird Productions) Budget:: Euro 2.56m. Co-prod: TV4, ARD/Degeto Film(Ger). Backers: Film I Skaane, Swedish Film Institute, Canal+ Television AB,Danish Broadcasting Corp/DR, TV2 Norge, MTV3 Finland, Svensk Filmindustri,Tobis Film GmbH. Int'l sales: Svenska Filmindustri. Dist: Svenska Filmindustri(Scandinavia), Tobis Film GmbH (Ger). Crime-drama, first film in a new 13-partseries of new crime thrillers inspired by Henning Mankell's bestselling policecommissioner Kurt Wallander. Exec prods: Henning Mankell, Peter Bose. Prod: OleSoendberg, Lars Bjorkman. Dir: Kjell Aake Andersson. Scr: Stefan Anhem, PelleBerglund. DoP: Olof Johnson. Ed: Lars Duus. Prod des: Lene Willumsen. Cost des:Cecilia Wingaard, Gabriella Ekman. Hair/make-up: Eva Flamholc-Andersson,Josefine Stackbom. Music: Adam Norden. Main cast: Krister Henriksson, JohannaSallstrom, Ola Rapace, Angela Kovacs, Douglas Johansson.
Contact: Ole Sondberg, Yellow Bird Films, (45) 33 32 25 59

(Giraff Film) Co-prod: SVT Drama. Backers: Filmpool Nord AB, Swedish FilmInstitute, Canal. A film about people meeting at a crossroad in life.Prod/dir/scr/DoP: John O. Olsson.
Contact: Giraff Film, (46) 920 22 01 90

DOXA [aka Innerst Inne]
(Auto Images) Co-prod: Nordisk Film. Backers: Film I Skaane, Swedish FilmInstitute. Dist: Triangel Film. Int'l sales: tba. Drama about a young womandetermined to find out what made her father deadly sick. Prod: MattiasNohrborg. Dir: Leif Magnusson. Scr: Leif Magnusson, Kristian Levring. DoP: JensSchlosser. Set des: Peter Bavman. Main cast: Eva Rexed, Cilla Jelf, TorkelPeterson, Freddie Wadling, Pernilla August.
Contact: Mattias Nohrborg, Triangel Film, (46) 40 17 65 51

FOUR WEEKS IN JUNE (working title)
(Omega Film AB) Backers: Swedish Film Institute. A young woman decides never tohave anything do with guys or love ever again. Prod: Peter Kropenin. Dir/scr:Henry Meyer. Main cast: Tuva Novotny, Ghita Nørby, Jessica Zanden.
Contact: Peter Kropenin, Omega Film, (46) 8 564 808 20

KIM NOVAK NEVER SWAM IN THE LAKE OF GENESARET [Kim Novak badade aldrig iGeneserates sjo]
(SvenskFilmindustri) Co-prod: SF Norge, Film I Vast. Backers: Swedish FilmInstitute, Norwegian Film Fund. Dist: AB Svensk Filmindustri. Int'l sales:Svensk Filmindustri. in the summer of 1962 meet a girl who looks like KimNovak. Prod: Waldemar Bergendahl. Dir: Martin Asphaug. Scr: Martin Asphaug andHakan Nesser based on the latter's novel. DoP: Philip Oegaard. Set des: EvaNoren. Main cast: Jonas Karlsson, Johan Hason Kjellgren.
Contact:Ann-Kristin Westerberg, AB Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 36 44

KOCKEN (working title)
(Douglas Film AB & 2000 Bilder) Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Dist:Sonet Film. In 1969 the 20 year-old ships cook Martin has to work under thestrict first cook Peter Stein on the long journey to Cape Town. Prod: ThomasSamuelsson. Dir: Mats Arehn. Scr: Rolf Boerjling. Main cast: Kjell Bergqvist,Henrik Lundstrom
Contact: Thomas Samuelsson, 2000 Bilder, (46) 70 67 74 282

THE LAST TRIP [Sista Trippen]
(Rode Orm Film) Budget: EURO 900.000. Drama thriller. Exec prod: ThomasAllercrantz. Prod: Adel Kjellstrom. Dir/scr: Henrik Wallgren. DoP/ed: Daniel Dohber. Main cast: AndersLonnbro, Maria Hedborg, Love Ersare, Karin Nordwall, Stefan Godicke.
Contact: Thomas Allercrantz, Rode Orm Film, (46) 8 555 248 50

(SvenskFilmindustri) Co-prods: SVT Drama, Film i Vast. Budget: SEK15.5m Backers:Nordic Film & TV Fund, Swedish Film Institute. Int'l sales: SvenskFilmindustri. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri. Family film based on Anders Jacobssonand Soren Olsson's popular Sune-books, mix computer animation and live-action. Exec prods: KerstinBonnier, Johan Mardell. Prod: Waldemar Bergendahl. Dir: Erik Leijonborg. Scr:Lars Lundstrom. DoP: Rolf Lindstrom. Ed: Anders Nylander. Main cast: PerSvensson, Johan Rheborg, Tin-Tin Andersson.
Contact: Ann Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 36 44

(Memfis Film) Co-prods: Film I Vast, SVT Drama, Zentropa Entertainments (Den).Backers: Nordic Film & TV Fund, Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Sonet Film(Swe). Drama about seeking love and finding yourself as a 19-year old girl. Prod: Lars Jonsson,Rebecka Lafrenz. Dir/scr: Kristina Humle. DoP: Marek Wieser. Set des: LeneWillumsen. Main cast: Henna Ohranen, Dag Malmberg.
Contact: Lars Jonsson, Memfis Film AB, (46) 8 33 55 76

GOD, SENT AND HER [Gud, lukt och henne]
(MigmaFilm) Co-prods: Film i Vast, Zentropa (Den). Backers: Swedish Film Institute. Afeature-length documentary about the thing we usually call faith. Prod: AnitaOxburgh. Dir/scr: Karin Westerlund. Main cast: Gunilla Rohr, Leif Andree, GhitaNørby, Vanessa Redgrave.
Contact: Anita Oxburg, Migma Film, (46) 520 144 40

(Sweetwater) Co-prods: AKA Pictures (UK), Svensk Filmindustri. Backer: TV4,Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Svensk Filmindustri (Swe). Int'l sales: SvenskFilmindustri. Drama about a 16-year-old boy and his family set in SouthernEngland in 1952. Exec prod: Colin Nutley. Prods: Maritha Norstedt, JudithHackett. Dir/scr: Colin Nutley. DoP: Jens Fischer. Ed: Perry Schaffer. Proddesign: Pernilla Olsson. Hair/make-up: Maria Strid. Music: Per Andreasson. MainCast: Eileen Atkins, Helena Bergstrom, Lorcan Cranitch, Lindsay Duncan, TimDutton, Rolf Lassgaard.
Contact: Ann-Kristin Westerberg, Svensk Filmindustri, (46) 8 680 3500

(Sonet Film). Budget: SEK40m. Dist: Sonet Film(Swe). English-language action thriller about a writer who gets tangled up in acomplicated murder case. Prod: Peter Possne.Dir: Jack Ersgaard. Scr: Jack Ersgaard, Jesper Ersgaard, Patrick Ersgaard. Cast: Matthew Settle, Fay Masterson, Patrick Ersgaard.
Contact: Peter Possne, Sonet Film, (46) 8 555 248 00

(Breidablick Film) Backers: Sandrew Metronome Distribution, Kanal 5, Film iVast, Cinema Art, Europa Postproduction, Canal+, Swedish Film Institute. Dist:Sandrew Metronome. Two totally different children accidentally meet end upcomforting each other in their lonely and confusing world. Prod: Karl FredrikUlfung. Dir: Henrik Georgsson. Scr: Sara Kadefors based on her own book. DoP:Anders Bohman. Set des: Maria Sohlman. Main cast: Andrej Lunusjkin, AlietteOpheim, Matilda Ragnerstam, Camilla Fernandez, Lia Boysen.
Contact: Sandrew Metronome Sverige, (46) 8 762 1700

SEX, HOPE & LOVE [Sex, hopp och karlek]
(IllusionFilm) Co-prod: Movietime Stockholm, Film I Vast, Angel Production (Den),Filmhuset Produksjoner (Nor). Budget: Euro 2.25m. Backers: SVT, Canal+, FutureFilm (Fin), Swedish Film Institute, Danish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Fund,MEDIA, Nordic Film & TV Fund. Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). Love story about thatstrange place between the life you are dreaming of and the way it turned out tobe. Co-prods: Birgitta Aakesson, Tomas Eskilsson, Gunnar Carlsson, Peter Bech,Egil Odegard. Prod: Peter Hiltunen, Johan Falemark. Dir/scr: Lisa Ohlin. DoP:Dan Laustsen. Ed: Louise Brattberg. Prod des: Linda Janson. Cost des: AnnaAgren. Hair/make-up: Jessica Svensson. Sound designer: Thomas Huhn. Main cast:Krister Henriksson, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Lennart Jahkel.
Contact: Peter Hiltunen, Illusion Film (46) 31 77 52 885

(Min Film) Co-prods: Film I Vast, SVT. Lisa is a career woman, who has no timeto find a husband. She starts dating on the internet. Prod/dir/scr: Maria von Heland.DoP: Peter Östlund. Ed: Jessica Congdon. Music: Eric Holland. Main cast: AmandaOoms, Mikael Persbrandt, Ulrika Malmgren, Leif Andree, Lia Boysen.
Contact: Jesper Weissglas, (46) 8 652 30 45

(MemfisFilm) Co-prods: Film I Vast, SVT, Zentropa Entertainments (Den). Backers:Swedish Film Institute. Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). A drama-comedy about threesisters. When the youngest returns to her hometown for the father's 70thbirthday, their lives are changed forever. Prod: Lars Jonsson. Dir/scr: MariaBlom. Main cast: Sofia Helin, Ann Petren, Kajsa Ernst, Barbro Engberg, JoakimLindblad.
Contact: Lars Jonsson, Memfis Film, (46) 8 33 55 76

(Hinden/Lanna-Ateljeerna) Co-prod: SVT/Drama. Budget: SEK9m. Backer: SwedishFilm Institute. Dist: Triangelfilm (Swe). When was he seen last' What did helook like' Who did he talk to before disappearing' Can there be a crimecommitted' This is the last saved document about him. Co-prod: Johan Mardell.Prod: Hinden/Lanna-Ateljeerna. Director: Marie-Louise, Gosta Ekman. Scr:Marie-Louise Ekman. DoP: Tomas Boman. Music: Benny Andersson. Main cast: Gosta Ekman,Sven Lindberg, Annelie Martini, Johan Wahlstrom.
Contact:Anna Sohlman, Hinden/Lanna-Ateljeerna, (46) 8 663 12 10

WINNERS AND LOOSERS [Vinnare och Forlorare]
(Filmlance International) Co-prod: Sonet Film. Backers: Swedish Film Institute.Dist: Sonet Film (Swe). Fredrik fights to be the best sulky driver, but he hasto manage being a lonely dad and falling in love again. Prod: Anders Landstrom. Dir:Kjell Sundvall. Scr: Sara Heldt. Main cast: Frida Hallgren, Daniel Gustavsson,Mona Malm.
Contact: Martin Stromberg, Sonet Film, (46) 8 555 248 54

THE WORLDS BEST DADDY [Varldens basta pappa]
(Omega Film) Co-prods: Nordisk Film Produktion, Film I Vast. Backers: Swedish FilmInstitute. Dist: Columbia Tristar Nordisk Film (Swe). A feelgood-movie about aman, who recently became a father, who promises his girlfriend to stay at homewhile promising his colleagues to stay at work. Prod: Lennart Duner Dir: MariaEssen. Scr: Stefan Ahnhem. DoP: P.A. Svensson. Set des: Aasa Isaksson. Maincast: Erik Ericson, Lisa Werlinder, Mikael Persbrandt, Jens Hulten, SannaBraading.
Contact:Lennart Duner, Omega Film, (46) 520 48 25 90