Top five Norwegian and international films of 2012 revealed.

Norwegian directors Espen Sandberg and Joachim Rønning’s Kon-Tiki and Nils Gaup’s Journey to the Christmas Star, signed 61% of total attendance for local features in 2012, which – for the fifth consecutive year – exceeded two million.

Nominated for a Golden Globe and shortlisted for Best Foreign-Language Feature at this year’s Academy Awards, Kon-Tiki reached 881,658 admissions – enough to beat James Bond’s Skyfall.

However, domestic productions sold 24.1% fewer tickets than in 2011, claiming 17.8% of the market (2011: 24.5%).

“In spite of the decrease in local contribution, last year’s result was 4% up on 2011, to pass the 12.1 million mark – the third-best outcome in the last 10 years,” said Birgitte Langballe, head of communications at Norwegian cinema association Film & Kino.

Norway’s national digital roll-out – the first in the world – has also influenced the statistics.

“Small theatres, with less than 10,000 annual admissions, upped their attendance by 15%, while the average for larger theatres was 4%,” added Langballe.

“The result confirms that a few blockbusters account for the major part of the ticket sales, while many releases end up with small figures. In 2012, five films took more than 500,000 admissions, and the 10 top earners accounted for 41% of total,” Langballe concluded.

Top Five (domestic)

  1. Kon-Tiki. Dir: Joachim Rønning – 881,658 admissions.
  2. Journey to the Christmas Star (Reisen til julestjernen). Dir: Nils Gaup – 443,188 adms.
  3. Tina & Bettina – The Movie. Dir: Simon Alsvik – 188,395 adms.
  4. Company Orheim (Kompani Orheim). Dir: Arild Andresen – 77,958 adms.
  5. Varg Veum - Cold Hearts (VV - Kalde hjerter). Dir: Trond Espen Seim – 68,583 adms.

Top Five (all)

  1. Kon-Tiki– 881,658 admissions.
  2. Skyfall. Dir: Sam Mendes (UK, US) – 723,125 adms.
  3. Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift. Dirs: Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier (US) – 700,236 adms.
  4. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Dir: Peter Jackson (US) – 449,225 adms.
  5. Journey to the Christmas Star – 443,188 adms.