Los Angeles-based Occupant Films, whose horror film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane was picked up by Dimension Films at Toronto, is ramping up production on the comedy Peep World.

Peter Himmelstein will direct the film and recently wrapped production for Occupant on thriller The Key Man starring Jack Davenport, Hugo Weaving, Brian Cox, and Judy Greer. Occupant is seeking foreign representation on this film.

Peep World, which charts the mayhem caused by a family member's kiss-and-tell novel that comes to light during a family celebration.

The screenplay to Peep World graduated from the 2004 Sundance Directors Lab and production is set to begin this summer. Himmelstein's screenwriting credits include The Lost Boys of Sudan, the upcoming fictionalised version of the 2003 documentary Lost Boys Of Sudan, and Beautiful, Baby, based on the life of Bo Belinsky that went through the 2001 Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

Himmelstein also adapted Electroboy, A Memoir Of Mania for Endgame Entertainment. Occupant was established in August 2005 and the partners are particularly keen to foster long-lasting ties with emerging film-makers.

The company's first film was Jonathan Levine's directorial debut All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, which became a hit with Toronto festival-goers last autumn and centres on a Texan high school beauty who takes an ultimately terrifying excursion with several friends.