Cinema chain decides against screening Tim Burton’s 3D adventure over shorter release windows.

Odeon & UCI Cinema Group has decided not to show Tim Burton’s animated 3D adventure Alice In Wonderland in its cinemas after Disney revealed plans to release the film on DVD after just 12 weeks.

The exhibitor has confirmed that it will not screen the film in its UK, Irish or Italian chains because of the shorter release window, which has been reduced by five weeks. However, it will show the film in Spain, Germany, Portugal and Austria, where Disney is planning to observe the normal DVD release window.

An Odeon spokesperson said: “Odeon/UCI has invested considerable sums of money, especially in the UK, over the past twelve months to install digital projection systems in its cinemas to enable customers to enjoy 3D.The popularity of 3D titles meant that last year these films played in Odeon/UCI cinemas for an average of 18 weeks from initial release.

“The proposed reduction in the window on a high profile 3D title like Alice In Wonderland undermines the investment made and will inevitably set a new benchmark, leading to a 12 week window becoming rapidly standard in the UK for the majority of film titles.”

Rival chain Cineworld has agreed to show the film, after reaching an agreement with the studio, but it has not been confirmed as to whether Vue plans to join the boycott.