Optimum Releasing and The Weinstein Company are teaming to release Michael Moore's Sicko in the UK on Oct 26. Optimum previously released Moore's hit Fahrenheit 9/11.

Moore 's exploration of the US health care system, Sicko has already grossed about $24m at the US box office.

Danny Perkins, managing director of Optimum, said: 'We are delighted to be releasing Sicko together with The Weinstein Company and working with Michael Moore again. We feel that Sicko is Michael's best film yet, it's an incredibly moving film and raises important points on themes with universal appeal. We look forward to giving Sicko a major launch in the UK, and putting together the biggest release to date for a documentary.'

Optimum's other forthcoming releases include Brick Lane, In The Valley Of Elah, Incendiary, and Smother.