Oriental DreamWorks has struck development deals with Chinese producers including Dreams of the Dragon Pictures, as it moves towards producing more live action and China-originated content.

The Shanghai-based joint venture has a multi-picture development deal with China’s Dreams of the Dragon, which will kick off with a Chinese live action, visual effects-driven period drama, based on a script by Wang Hui-ling (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

The two partners will also collaborate on a franchise comedy with a high-concept premise and a modern martial arts movie combining cutting-edge visual effects with advanced choreography.

Dreams of the Dragon, founded by Wilson Qiu, previously invested in Cloud Atlas and produced local hit Heaven Eternal, Earth Everlasting

Separately, Oriental DreamWorks will work with producer-director Teng Huatao (Love Is Not Blind) on an animated feature, which will update an old Chinese folk tale. Ba Yue Chang An (The Stolen Years) will write the script, while Teng will direct.

Oriental DreamWorks also has a development deal with renowned producer Zhang Jizhong to re-create Chinese folk tale, Journey To The West, for Western audiences. The updated version of the classic adventure story will feature advanced visual effects and an English-language script.

“We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to support local talent here in China and create original, high-quality films made for Chinese audiences. These three development deals represent leading local companies that we are proud to partner with,” said Oriental DreamWorks chief creative officer Joe Aguilar.

Oriental DreamWorks started out by producing animated features based on DreamWorks franchises, such as the currently in production Kung Fu Panda 3, but also aims to work with Chinese producers, director, actors and crew to create authentic China-rooted stories for both Chinese and international audiences.