Spain's recently Oscar-nominated short film director Borja Cobeaga will shoot his first feature for producers Telespan 2000 and Estudios Picasso in October.

The film, titled Flash, El Amigo De Las Chicas (literally, Flash, Friend Of The Girls), is based on the novel Flash by Massimo Bruni.

The boy-meets-girl comedy is set against the world of haute cuisine, where boy tries to seduce girl by preparing sophisticated dishes but unfortunately knows nothing about cooking.

The feature will shoot from October in Cobeaga's native San Sebastian, taking advantage of the rich gastronomic culture of the coastal town, which visitors to Spain's leading international film festival know well.

Cobeaga was nominated this year for an Academy Award for his short film, One Too Many (Eramos Pocos).

Telespan 2000 and broadcaster Telecinco's production arm Estudios Picasso have previously collaborated on hits including Football Days (Dias De Futbol) and The 2 Sides Of The Bed (Los 2 Lados De La Cama).