EXCLUSIVE: Marjane Satrapi will direct Ryan Reynolds in the psychological thriller for producers Mandalay Vision and Vertigo Entertainment. Panorama sales chief Kim Fox will introduce the project in Santa Monica next week.

The Voices is based on Paranormal Activity 2 writer Michael R Perry’s Black List screenplay about a charismatic factory worker who in reality is a schizophrenic loner teetering on the edge of insanity.  

What seems at first like an innocent crush on a co-worker turns sour when the man succumbs to inner voices that spur him on to criminal acts before he ultimately finds salvation.

“The project needed a great engine [Satrapi] behind it that could embrace both the psychothriller and comedy elements and bring a commercial sensibility to it,” said Mandalay Vision president Matt Rhodes. “Marjane is an auteur visualist and has found a script that she feels she could have written.

“The character of Jerry is a guy who’s on and off his medications and Ryan embodies both the dramatic and humorous side of the character needed for this picture.”

Rhodes is producing with Vertigo’s Roy Lee. Production is scheduled to get underway on Apr 8 2013 at Babelsberg in Berlin.