Eurocinema, Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Diva.AG launch the new initiative.

Sebastien Perioche’s Eurocinema is working with Nordisk Film & TV Fond and Diva.AG to create The First Annual Scandinavian On Demand Film Festival to launch to North American television audiences on May 1.

Since 2005, On Demand movie channel Eurocinema has presented international and European films to more than 36 million TV homes in North America. It is available on platforms including Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision, RCN, Verizon and DirecTV.

“Eurocinema is passionate about making the very best of international cinema accessible to film fans in all cities and towns across the US and Canada,” said Perioche, “With the creation of this first on demand film festival, we can begin to achieve this goal to unite film lovers everywhere, as we celebrate and explore the world of Nordic cinema.”

“Our partnership with Eurocinema marks a wonderful collaboration,” said Hanne Palmquist, CEO, Nordisk Film & TV Fond. “We have been actively looking for a platform to showcase to North American audiences the award-winning but often overlooked film titles from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Eurocinema proved to be the perfect fit.”

Eurocinema will premiere four critically acclaimed, modern-day Scandinavian titles including: Limbo (Norway); Johan Brisinger’s Suddenly (Sweden) [pictured] with Michael Nvqvist, Anastasios Soulis and Moa Gammel; Lone Scherfig’s Kings Game (Denmark); and TruthAbout Men lead by Tuva Novotny and Thure Lindhardt.

Additional titles will be announced in June and July following their debuts on the international festival circuit.

Films will be available on Eurocinema On Demand for $4.99 - $6.99 per title.

Perioche added, “This is the new generation of film festivals, representing incredible opportunities and exposure for both filmmakers and sponsors.”